not lettuce

Bj made delicious panini for dinner last night.

I wanted to tell him job well done:

Me: "Bj these are so good, I would have never thought to put cabbage on here."

Bj: "I didn't use cabbage this is your organic lettuce."

Me: "I'm pretty sure this is cabbage."

Bj takes a bite, "Well where did I put the lettuce?"

No wonder he kept telling me that my organic lettuce was a waste of money because it was weird. 

2 Replies to “not lettuce”

  1. Who cares about the lettuce… That sandwich looks amazing!

  2. Don’t you love it when you’re right?! And where did that lettuce go? I also 100% agree about organic vegtables. The carrots are SO much better. Also organic milk lasts 3 times as long, and tastes so much better.

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