Why did this take me so long to figure out?

I finally have the skill to make a pillow case that fits over a pillow form. People, sewing doesn't get easier than this. But for some reason I could never make a snug one. I'm going to blame it on my old machine. Because following this easy tutorial I whipped up these:

Pillow cases with envelope backs:
The added bonus is using up some of the cutter quilt that I scored a LONG time ago (so long ago I can't find a post about it, yikes). That sure clears out fabric storage space (I know what you're thinking Bj, don't worry no packages are coming to fill that space, I really am trying to work down the stash!). 

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  1. Thanks for putting that up! I totally forgot about envelope backs. I have been making pillows without removable covers….how could I forget? The tutorial is great!

  2. thank you for posting the link to that tutorial! i need to make pillows for my window seat…this will be perfect!
    p.s. i LOVE that fabric. and the use of the old quilts!

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