Tuesday’s Tactile Pillow – And a giveaway!

I was trying to come up with a fun pillow for Tuesday's room to go on the glider, and was going to do a pieced block like the bumper, but then I thought, why not make something Tuesday will really love right now? So I came up with this:


An 18 inch pillow cover (envelope back), that she can tug, taste and explore. 


So far it's been a big hit. The ribbon is triple attached, because of how I made the pillow, at each end, but the middle is left free for little hands to pick at. 


I tacked down some doily things cut from a panel I found at an estate sale, she loves stuff like this.


Then I printed out a big letter t and hand embroidered it on (using all six strands of floss so it was thick). I think my favorite part though might be the edges:


I used a silk piping, and finally came up with a cool "made by mom" label. I am using some new to the ribbon jar twill that is just the perfect size for this (3/4"). I took a date stamp and stamped (with StazOn ink) my birth date on one side,


And Tuesday's on the other. I am totally using this idea for everything! I love having a label, the numbers look fun, like a series, but have a secret meaning. So my number will always be the same, but the other will be different based on who I'm giving it to. And maybe if I don't have anyone in mind I could do the day I made the item. If you want to make cool tab labels check out the twill, it's cheap and I'm already thinking of other things I can stamp. I didn't put this process through the full battery of tests, but I did try to scrub the numbers off and they seem to be on there pretty good. 

*edited to add: Dianne emailed to say heat setting the StazOn works great, just use a hot iron, no steam, and paper between the iron and ink if you want. 

Now for the giveaway.


I made up a little kit for you to make your own pillow case (you'll need the 18" pillow form, or you can just use the goodies for other projects if you like). Included are all the fabrics, three little doily things, lots of ribbons, including the piping and twill, embroidery floss, warm & natural batting, and I'll even print off a big letter of your choice if you like for the tracing (I made mine in Illustrator, size 1296 font, the biggest the program lets you go). I'm not going to sell these kits on the Ribbon Jar, though all the ribbon and trim is available on my site, I just thought this would be fun for you dear readers. If you'd like it please comment by Tuesday, August 25, noon pacific, and good luck!

34 replies on “Tuesday’s Tactile Pillow – And a giveaway!”

  1. Oh Amber!
    What a cute & fun idea!
    I’ve made some pillowcases,but “boring-One-colored” (;
    But THAT is great and I’d loveto give it a try!
    lovely greetings from over the ocean!
    from the BlackForestRegion/Germay (;

  2. This so Gorgeous!! I love it, as it seems does Tuesday. Please put my name into the draw.
    Oh I first followed the link to your blog from a comment on another Aussie friends blog a few days ago. Your blog is lovely!

  3. Awesome pillow. I am totally drooling over your ribbon detail…so much fun!! And your tag idea rocks….I love it …
    What a fun giveaway idea!!

  4. Such a great idea to make it all tactile fun!
    My daughter (now 9) is such a tactile kid, she still uses a ‘taggie’ blanket at night. The baby seems to be headed in that direction too. 🙂

  5. I love the pillow… so creative & fun! and adorable Tuesday looks like she’s loving it!

  6. don’t include me in the drawing…
    but i LOVE this! perfect for tuesday. you can tell she loves it!
    i bought a pillow form for the case i made at your place.
    looks so great! thanks again for your help! 🙂

  7. tuesday looks so cute enjoying her pillow, which is gorgeous by the way! I would love to win the kit! i love your tag too, looks amazing! you are so inspiring 🙂

  8. great idea on the huge initial! I have used super blown up font for paintings, but never thought of the idea for sewing. I am going to use this!

  9. Just wanted to say that I think you can heat-set the StazOn with a hot iron once it’s stamped. That should make it SUPER permanent!
    Very cute and clever pillow! I’m sure she’ll enjoy it for years to come!

  10. Is there anything you cannot do? That pillow is the cutest thing ever! Tuesday looks like she is really enjoying the different textures and colors. You are so smart to introduce her to these ideas early.
    Hope you had a wonderful weekend!
    Loves and kisses.

  11. What an awesome giveaway—you really rock Amber 🙂
    That pillow is awesome–all the different textures, perfect for Tutu. And I love the envelope idea–so you can pull it off an wash it. I need to teach me how to make em 😉

  12. I love crafting and am always on the look out for ideas to make things unique and this is definately one of the cutest things that I have seen in a long time – I especially liked that you make it personalized with your birthday and Tuesday’s. What a special treasure!
    Thanks for sharing. I love your blog.

  13. How clever you are! The color combo is so fun, but my favorite is the embroidered “T”.
    Very inspiring–that sweet girl is one lucky kiddo!

  14. I LOVE the pillow. And I made it to enter just by the skin of my teeth! 🙂 I just put an order in for some of the twill…I can’t wait to use it. I bought some tiny letter stamps several weeks ago for just this purpose but haven’t bought the twill yet. Thanks for blogging about it!

  15. You are so creative and little Tuesday is so lucky. My daughter loved to “finger” things especially before she decided to “eat” them. I’d love to have this kit. Thanks.

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