Life in a gated community


Okay I totally staged that photo, but had to get one of Tuesday and the gates. Bj put three of them up last week and we're waiting on an extension for the one in the basement to partition off half of it. It doesn't really matter right now for miss super slow mover, but she is just so on the verge of being everywhere I can tell. She is also no the verge of getting teeth. I know I said that before but this time, whoa they are so close! I have been trying to get her relief so basically she's been my super special buddy all day – either because I'm holding her or nursing her, hence the lack of computer/crafting/blogging time. I think my mom told me about teething biscuits so I had Bj pick them up today when he ran errands. This is the first "food" Tuesday has held to eat (we feed her with a spoon usually). Oh the mess.

091709-2 I do think she likes it though. And she is working it on her gums; making a fist with one hand while she rubs the biscuit as hard as she can on her soon to be teeth.

091709-3 After this one little experiment the biscuits are for high chair use only! And I need to make the little clothes I got the supplies for to keep near it to clean her up. I actually need to do a lot of things, but I am really having trouble trying to figure out how, so sorry about the quietness on the blog front as of late. I expect we will be back to being super fabulous just as soon as those little buggers peek their way through the gums. 

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  1. she is just a little doll.
    I never used the bisquits, but I have a girl friend who used somekind of teething tablets? She lives in Germany and when her husband comes to the states for business she has him pick some up to bring home so they must work….Also just something to look out for…maybe you know but I didn’t even think about the bleeding when the teeth break through. It didn’t happen with every tooth, maybe just a couple actually, but when my son was teething it really freaked me out. It wasn’t much, but it did take me a minute to figure out what was going on! Can’t wait for toothy pics!

  2. Oh my gosh… So very cute! and that’s what I love best about those biscuits… Oh the cute pictures you capture!

  3. Oh! I remember giving those biscuits to my son when he was teething! I couldn’t believe how messy they were.. it’s just a biscuit, how messy could it be? But my son slobbered on it and gnawed on it and the biscuit slowly turned into a gooey mess, that dried on clothes (and everything else) just like glue. I, too, relegated teething biscuit time to the high chair! 🙂

  4. She is such a cutie pie! Those gates look really sturdy! I can’t remember finding anything like that when my kids were that little. 🙂
    Also wanted to let you know that I am having a big giveaway on the blog and sign-ups last until Sunday night! The giveaway was given to RTH by the ever-inspiring author of Craft Nectar. Hope to see you there! 🙂

  5. What a sweetie!! Be sure to capture the gate tears later 😉
    I would freeze a plain bagel and give that to the babies to gnaw on. No big mess, they can’t really get pieces off, and the cold is soothing to the gums. Maybe a mini bagel would work?

  6. Perfect title! Third pict = mini BJ 100%. My sister had those “cookies.” I might have dabbled into her stash (I was 8). Yum!

  7. are the biscuits coated in chocolate? what are they made of, so that they don’t break off in her mouth? nugget? I am taking notes here because I am sure I will be buying these soon for Chloe!

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