The long weekend

Over the weekend Bj and I drove almost five hours to his parent's (mom and step dad). I note the time because Tuesday spent the whole drive up ASLEEP. That is craziness. She went 6.5 hours with out eating, near her record. Not only that but when we pulled her out of her car seat her diaper was bone dry. It was a great start to an easy going weekend. We basically just hang out. Oh and bought about twenty pounds of tomatoes, because apparently I can't learn a lesson! Off to work on that (while wearing Tutu who now refuses to sleep AT ALL). But first some pictures:


With Bj's step sister and her family who were able to come visit from a couple hours away. Fun to have all the grandkids together:


Yeah for cousins! Tutu was in heaven with everyone talking to and playing with her all day long:


Now to tackle those tomatoes, because you know, if I don't do it right it might kill me, great…

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  1. WOW!! Even I can’t go 6.5 hrs without eating or peeing! Lol, way to go Tuesday!

  2. Amber, I was just reading a web site like this the other day because I wanted to can some of my salsa. Kind of scary, isn’t it? My mom and grandmother used to blanch, then peel tomatoes, and freeze them in small freezer bags to be used for spaghetti sauce. If anyone can pull this off it’s you, so I’ll look to you for inspiration and guidance should I decide to tackle the salsa myself.
    What a beautiful place to visit, where were you?

  3. See, you may think I’m crazy but I’m not a big fan of cooked tomatoes (I know, that includes Italian food). But it’s a good idea if I can’t finish all of them. Oh, and we were in the Tri-Cities, Washington:

  4. The first thing Bj said to me when I told him her diaper was dry, “Wait, how did you not have to pee?” LOL

  5. wow! i’m very impressed with miss tuesday!
    i’m with ceara – i can’t even go that long 🙂
    hope the salsa adventure is going well!

  6. I’ve missed so mich in the past weeks, yikes! I just caught up – but first, I love cousins. LOVE. My daughters are getting their first one in 4 months – yay! And that pillow and kit giveaway – fabulous. Lastly – Shame on Meringue!

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