Tutu @ 11 months

Turning eleven months has not been easy for my dear sweet Tuesday. Most of the day today she looked like this:


Poor thing had the roughest night ever last night. For a grand total of two hours of alone sleeping, or really deep sleep. The rest was restless nursing, back patting, rocking, swaying and trying to keep her comfortable when she spiked a 102 temp. I don't know if it's the teeth, which continue to torture her, or a virus or something. Her fever is gone now and I've finally got her to sleep after two hours of trying. I'd like to remember her turning eleven months more like this:

Yesterday morning I had the smart idea to have my camera all ready for when Tutu woke up as I find her still sleepy face quite cute:

She happily obliged me and let me take some pictures of her goofiness:

And mine I suppose. 

At 11 months Tuesday is on the brink of walking. She can easily stand with no help, crouch down, pick things up, and get back up with toys in both her hands. However she still has not taken that first step and instead crawls with abandon:


She is able to get to me very quickly now and it is funny to hear her do a fast crawl, especially on the hardwood downstairs, or when she has a toy in one hand.

(her face is a little chapped from the cold, the house is very dry with the heat on constantly).

She is such a people person, loves to make everyone smile and will stare at someone for a while waiting for them to do so. She is starting to get shy around people though, mainly men. She prefers to be held by me or papa when around lots of people and will reach out for us. When lots of people are around she will crawl over to me and pull on my pant leg to be picked up. When she is upset she signs milk, I'm pretty sure she uses it for an all around, "mama I want you" signal, not just for her milky. She seems to prefer her right hand, the one that has the cutest little mark on it:


I feel that she is so on the cusp of everything. The edge of babyhood, almost walking, babbling, grabbing, wanting… I just love the next phase that is coming. Exploring, making, doing. I know she will keep me guessing.


Hopefully she will feel better soon so we can continue on with our adventures. I so love my little sparkle pants, even when I have to call my own mommy at 5:55 in the morning with a plea to come help me! 


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  1. Awwww, poor girl. Let me know if you get some sleep anytime soon, I’m down for garden planning/dyeing/baby holding/baby helping/etc. 🙂

  2. I think what we’re missing here is what she’s wearing in the first photo. Hehe, looks comfy-cozy. I imagine she’ll be wearing it well into her walking, talking, and possibly even her tooth-fairy years. I love that you put her in it and might I say it seems to be her color. 🙂

  3. poor little girl…i hope it’s just the teeth causing the fever and also hoping those teeth pop in SOON and she returns to her happy baby self! love the crawling photos…so darling!

  4. Poor girl! Brice is getting 8 teeth right now! 8! It is nuts. The poor kid has had some grumpy days and a few wakeful nights…add in a cold and it’s been torture on me. It’s too bad the little thing had to be teething while on vacation. I hope she gets through it all soon! Brice has gotten high temps with teething at times too…gone the next day and we’re good to go again.

  5. Oh the pjs I know I love them! They are her first “big girl” pair (pants/top). I got them on sale at nordstrom’s a few weeks ago. I think they were ten dollars and the tag says sweet ivy.

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