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I just got an email from Baby Hawkthat they are running a special for the next two days (order today or tomorrow, Jan. 22nd) and they will donate 50% to Haiti relief. I still want to do a big bad baby post, but I wanted to mention this because we love our Baby Hawk and if you want one now would be a great time to get one guilt free :)!
Bj with brand new week old Tuesday.
Loosened up for snuggle time on the train in August.
In October I wore Tutu while taking pictures of my quilt.
Borrowing a friend’s Baby Hawk and hiking in Hawaii in December.
I don’t have any pictures of Tuesday on my back because she is still so small and I just prefer having her on the front, but check out Baby Hawk’s site to see the different ways to wear baby. Their partner Sakura Bloom (they sell slings) are also donating. They are beautiful too, but I’ve never tired one, has anyone out there? Let me know I’m thinking of getting one of these linen beauties.

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  1. I don’t know, I love the linen and the idea that they soften over time. I’m waiting to see if any one comments or if anyone in our babywearing group has anything to say about them. So tempting…. And I had never seen the oh snap before, cool. But I think I like the ease of the ties. Maybe if I actually hiked more!

  2. I think Justin would use the Oh Snap…he doesn’t like the straps. And the BH we have is so dark…it’s hard in the summer. I do love those slings. I think we are for sure getting to get one…just need to decide on the BH or the sling…

  3. Ya the dark can be hard, plus we have the minkee (fuzzy material) on the inside, that’s why I borrowed my friend’s for Hawaii. I think I could get about a dozen of those ring slings- so pretty. I like the idea of being able to keep it on when I’m running around and we are in and out of the car. That’s the only time I don’t like the long straps – trying to load her in it in the rain.

  4. I haven’t used a Baby Hawk, but I use an ergo. We love it just like you love the Baby Hawk. My hubby also loves to wear our baby. I have worn her on my back a few times, but like Tuesday, Maggie is smaller and I just like having her in front.
    I use a few different ring slings and another sling that looks like a donut and you tie it in one corner. I love them all. They are really useful and I keep them around the house and in the car. Easy to pack and easy to wear. It’s true, you just keep it on when driving from one place to another.
    I also like the moby wrap, but it’s a lot more fabric but really snug and comfy once you have the baby in it. You can wear it all different ways but I used it a lot when she was really small.

  5. Thank you so much for the heads up on the Baby Hawk! I’m expecting my second son in a couple months and have just started shopping around for things I still need, so this was perfect timing. I bought one today! 🙂

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