7 Replies to “In which I get over my head…”

  1. Oh my. My heart just jumped. My son is almost 14 months old & I’ve yet to print any photos since his birth.

  2. oohh thats a big pile 😉 i print mine about every 3 months, so my stack isnt that big, but i feel you.

  3. i’m with ceara…holy crap!

  4. Oh my goodness!! How many pictures? And how much did that cost!? Did you try to be selective in ordering or was that just too hard?

  5. Go for the prepaid plan my friend. And tackle a month at a time, that’s what I did. Good luck!

  6. 1500+ I bought pre-paid plans so the most I paid for a 4×6 was 10 cents and free shipping. Yes this is me being selective. I have folders for each quarter where I put my favorite pictres…. I just have a lot of favorites!

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