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First let me say that after coming out of the fog of sickness and realizing what has happened in Haiti I feel such sadness. It seems impossible to blog about the wonderful celebration of my darling daughter's first birthday without mentioning some way to support families that are grieving so much right now. We have decided to give to Doctor's Without Borders, but there are many other aid organizations accepting donations as well. Please give what you can.

The little party with no real planning kind of turned into a last minute mama push to finish all the little details I suddenly felt were necessary. 


Greeting our guests was this little thing I whipped up the night (or early morning actually) before the party. I had wanted to go with a alphabet theme, I don't know why I always come up with themes for things in my mind as I never stick to them anyway.


Also extremely last minute ("Hey thanks for coming early Sciarrino, get sewing!") was this felt garland based of the one over on purl bee. I have this up still, and never want to take it down so hopefully I'll get some better pictures of it soon. 


I put Sciarrino's man Ethan to work as well. Since this is an awkward shaped gift we decided not to wrap it but have it waiting for Miss Sparkle Pants when she came down. 


Nice job Ethan! You may recognize this as a major re-gift. I bought it at an estate sale for my god-daughter a few years ago. It was loved and given back to me. We did buy some new people for it. Tuesday and the other babies loved playing with it and all of the other goodies she got.


While we do love everything (so much so I'm going to do another post on the wonderful handmade things she got) it is a bit overwhelming around her after this bash plus Christmas. This weekend we are going to work on a toy plan.


Of course I couldn't bare to give Tutu any store bought sugary treats. So in my obsessive state I had Bj make homemade teething biscuits (her favorite) plus yam based frosting (oh and he also made all the appetizers, and Sciarrino made the cookies so really I was more of a coordinator). I used a natural food coloring and some safe sprinkles to decorate them and served it all on a plate with organic whip cream around it.


(can you see her sparkly pants?!?! I didn't get a good picture of these crazy silver leggings)


Mmm she loves it! She wore her hat most of the day.


other side:


Just a copy really of the one I made V. When I run out of this making memories paper from six years ago I'll be sad. 


While I was at the flower making I made extras and threw them on the table. When it's one AM I start to get all kinds of great ideas. 

Of course the best part is celebrating with wonderful family and friends. Big thanks to my wonderful step-dad for taking lots of extra pictures! Oh and I made her shirt too, totally last minute so it might only be worn this once (sharpies do not equal fabric markers FYI). I looked at a tutorial that I can't find a the link to (then of course did not follow any of the directions).

Is there any interested in a first year baby wrap up post? Things we used, did, books we read etc? I want to do one for my pregnant friends anyway, but if there is a lot of interest I'd be happy to take questions and compile it all extra nicely 🙂

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  1. YES! post your favorites update! Although I never post, I love reading you blog and think you have some great ideas–you are a good writer too…..Janie

  2. Such a pretty party. It goes by way too fast…My little one is 2 and I honestly don’t know how that happened:) Enjoy year number 2. (It is NOTHING like year one, HA!)

  3. Will you send me the recipie for the teething biscuits and “frosting”? I want to make some for the little one at home 🙂 It is awesome that you didn’t give her those disgustingly sweet store bought cupcakes…your creations are so much cuter and I am sure taste way better! Also love the decorations. Super Mom to the rescue again!

  4. Did you use ribbon for your garland or just invisible thread like the blog you linked to? Also, do you think it would look good with lesser quality (from Michaels—gasp) felt? Is your felt just really stiff? Mine seems a little floppy… And did you cut this by hand or use a circle cutter? That is a lot of circles….. and also a lot of questions. Halloween is coming up and I am starting a halloween garland 🙂 I use you for all of my inspirations!!

  5. I used invisible thread, just like the blog said. I really like the wool/wool blend felt because of the colors. If you were only doing a few colors anyway probably either would work. Mine is floppy too, probably more so than the poly felt. I cut a bunch of squares with my rotary cutter, mat and big ruler. Then I free handed those into circles. Easy!

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