Did I ever tell you we bought half a cow?


 I'm lucky enough to know lots of cool people and farmers on are that list. My friend Kathy isn't primarily a rancher, but raises a few cattle for herself and a few to sell. I've visited these cute little things many a spring as they are born on her property. Last fall she sent out an email to her friends asking if anyone wanted part of a cow. Bj and I decided that we couldn't pass up 100% grass fed hormone free happy beef from Kathy's yard so we went for it. I was in Vermont when Kathy texted me to say our cow was being killed (it is what it is) and Bj had to walk through a small family owned slaughterhouse to pay for the butchering and pick up our meat. I am trying to eat more vegetarian meals, but I live with a meat eater and I think this is probably as close to the right way to get meat as possible, if there is one. 


Also it is delicious and we are completely spoiled for life. This is just ground beef but when you get half a cow you get all the parts. Bj is having fun experimenting with different cuts.


Tuesday is finally up for tackling a bit of meat and handled this really well. If you ever get the opportunity I say go for it. It's not only money saving but it feels good to support a local farmer and butcher. She says next year she might raise a few pigs. Mmmm bacon…

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  1. I had totally forgot about your cow! How did you end up storing it all? I bet that tastes so good, being so fresh and all. And if she ends up getting pigs next year, you’ll have to make a pizza–pepperoni, banana peppers, and bacon! Mmmm!!!

  2. oh my gosh, poor cow! I know how you feel though, the animal has a much better quality of life than a regular “hamburger” cow. And you get hormone free, organic meat. Our friends give us moose meat….also free range (actually hunted in the wild), but i still feel bad eating it-although it is delicous. If or I should say WHEN Andrew reads this he is going to be so jelous that you got half a cow……the carnivore of the family really wants to do this too.

  3. We were totally going to do this, but would have had to buy a freezer and decided to wait until we have a house. I can’t wait to eat delicious meat!

  4. We want to do this too. I’m thinking this spring we’ll find one to buy to get in the fall.
    Amber one of my co-workers sells pigs and she’d tried to get me to buy one, but I’d need to get a freezer first. Plus Tom isn’t a huge pork fan. Sad!

  5. One of my dad’s best friends is a cattle rancher in Idaho. We would get a 1/2 cow every year. Such a difference in taste! I’ll have to talk Brent into doing that next year. Hmmm…:)

  6. We live in the sticks, and therefore know lots of farmers. We always get a 1/2 of a cow & pig every year. Best meat you’ll ever eat, no doubt about that! Enjoy! (:

  7. I grew up in Farmland…so I grew up with all my friends raising cattle and selling it at the county fair. I always thought it was a little weird that they would take a photo of themselves with the cow and the buyer and then put a photo in the newspaper!

  8. Grass Fed Beef is definitely a more healthy option than grain fed beef. It is higher in omega 3 acids and beta-carotene. Additionally it is lower in fat and calories. I work with La Cense beef which sells 100% grass fed beef directly to consumers, and I have to say that it is delicious! After making the switch from grain fed beef to grass fed beef myself I would never go back.

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