Pre Party Prep

If you can believe it this little munchkin:
Is going to be ONE YEAR OLD in about a week. Say what? Of course I really waited too long to get invitations out (and seeing as tomorrow is a Sunday they won’t be going out for another day). But I figured it was the thing to do and it’s really a little party (as little as it can be with the modern family, right?) and everyone knows about it all ready so I decided to make up invites and send them anyway. A bit of a run on sentence to say look, I finished the cards:
They are all different random dots on the front (thanks for the help Sarah and Erin) and printed info inside. That took a while to figure out. Printers, ugh. I also started this felt garland to decorate. I was just going to do balloons, but figured this would be much more sustainable and pretty and I’d be done every year after (every birthday for anyone after) as I can just reuse it. Now I have these left over pieces:
Not 100% wool, some are 40/60 others 60/40 and other in between (with the other material being polyester). I’m not sure I can put them out for birds for nest material. They seem too pretty to toss, ideas?
In other BIG NEWS I am about to write my ONE THOUSANDTH post. Oh my goodness I can hardly believe it. Well look at me blabber on, I guess I can really. When I started it seemed like just me and a handful of people were blogging (five years ago almost). And no one even knew what a blog was (that I knew anyway). I sent my website link out to my whole email address book and hit publish. I have no idea what I’ll do for the big post, maybe a recap, favorites, something else? I am working on a big post that is all about Tuesday’s first year. And not just how wonderful she is, but more of a general this is what we did/got/didn’t to/didn’t buy/made/etc. I’d love to combine everything I remember into one post, so if you have any questions let me know, it will help jump start my memory I hope. This way I will have a good reference post to point people (pregnant friends and family) to. So ask away!

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