Tuesday – Her First Year

Thanks for all well wishes. We are on the mend, all the messy sick laundry is done and we ate today, whoo hoo! Tutu was cared for yesterday by my mom who brought her back a few times for me to nurse her (and we gave her frozen milk, I was afraid I would have nothing being so dehydrated). I’ll just look at the bright side – that was a quick way to loose four pounds!
And now the winner of my Box of Amber (which I can not wait to make and will share):

Suzanne that means it’s you! I’m going to email you soon to ask you some questions about your craftiness (and possibly any dietary concerns :)! FYI I started it on 2 because Bj was 1 and like he said, he doesn’t need the box since he has the real thing!
And a post I can’t believe came so quickly – Tutu year one, a pictorial recap:
Four days old – the closest thing I got to “newborn shots” as Tuesday usually looked like this:
Two weeks old – fighting sleep, this will become a theme.
1.25 months – for scale.
2 months – pretty much the only way she will sleep (she still does this arms straight down thing when she rests).
2.5 months – finally able to take her in the car for a bit.
almost 3 months – new skills… these hands do something!
3 months – being adorable.
3.5 months – fitting into the one baby thing we had in the house during the remodel finally.
4 months – loving handknits.
4.5 months – swimming!
5 months – visiting friends.
6 months – bouncing
6.25 months – enjoying the porch.
7 months – first plane ride, Alaska! and
first time swinging, loves it!
7.25 months – first solids, takes a long while to catch on to this weird stuff, until now it had been all milky all the time (and it still is)!
7.5 months – first time at the fair.
8.5 months – handling the little cup like a pro.
9 months – at Kathy’s pumpkin patch.
9.25 months – pissed at the TSA third flight (and 4th, 5th, 6th…) to Vermont to visit Ceara!
9.75 months – Halloween.
10.25 months – watching the big girls swing with grandma.
almost 11 months – flights 7 and 8 to Hawaii and back. First hike (though I did most of the work…)
11.5 months – “talking” to mama on Christmas morning
1 year old!!! Party – details to come.
How fast it goes indeed.

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  1. Happy Birthday Miss Sparkle Pants!! I can’t believe she is a year!! I’ve been reading since your homebirth story. A.J. just turned 7 months old and I can’t quite wrap my brain around one year approaching for us!

  2. what a great first year miss tuesday! i loved looking back on it…
    and i loved that i’ve had the pleasure of knowing you + snuggling you since 4 weeks old! 🙂

  3. What a great round up of her year in pictures – some of those are so darling, and perfectly styled – love Halloween! Happy B-Day Tutu – I feel like I know you!

  4. That final pic just makes me smile every time I see it…which has been like 500 times today…and also not because I took it. 🙂

  5. Happy Birthday Miss Beautiful, Adorable, Amazing, little Tuesday! I have so enjoyed watching you grow and learn and discover during your first year! I cannot wait to see you encounter your 2nd year!
    Loves and kisses!

  6. What a sweet post! Love the pics. Happy, Happy 1st Birthday, Miss Tuesday! And Happy One Year of motherhood to you!

  7. I love the picture of her on the swing! Also at the fair! I love her expressions, Happy Birthday Miss Tues! Party pictures please 🙂

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