We think it was bad chicken

I so wanted to have a post up for you today about my birthday girl, but all I can muster is an iPhone update. Bj and I have been sick since three in the morning. I haven’t thrown up in years and it’s as bad as I remember. At least tutu didn’t want the chicken last night, smart girl. All of you who were vomiting through their pregnancies, my hats are off to you! I feel a bit of a Pansy for complaining about an upset stomach. Anyway hopefully a real update tomorrow.

We think it was bad chicken

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  1. Oh man. That is no good. 🙁
    I can’t wait to hear about the birthday girl!! Get better soon!!

  2. I am so, so sorry to hear you and BJ are ill. I will put you in my prayers. Happy Birthday to the cutest little girl alive!!

  3. Oh dear – so sorry to hear that you guys aren’t feeling good – bah. I had sick pregnancies – it gets to be so routine you get sick, (if I just brushed my teeth, I cried a litle:) and move on. Wishin you some health! And happy birthday to your little peanut!

  4. oh no! Feel better soon! Happy Birthday to Miss Sparkle Pants! I can’t believe she is one!!!

  5. oh amber & bj…i’m sorry you’re both sick! food poisoning is NO fun. AT ALL.
    i’ve been stalking your blog for a birthday girl post…but take your time and GET WELL!

  6. Sorry you are sick. Hope you feel better soon.

  7. Hope you feel better soon! Throwing up is sooo not fun!

  8. blerrrrg, I HATE throwing up, I had the flu last february, I feel for you, on the bright side….a goood way to lose 5 pounds of water weight.

  9. I sympathise, deeply. I had a bug this summer after a a 14 year chuck hiatus. I whined like a baby.
    Get well soon.

  10. Oh, terrible! Taking care of a little one can be so hard when you’re sick – – I do hope you have some help. And I wish I could send over some chicken soup. Get well soon!

  11. Get better soon! I hope it really is food poisoning and not the flu. Either way I feel for you!

  12. Throwing up is the worst. Tip from you friendly hygienist…Do not brush immediately after throwing up – your enamel is soft and can be damaged by brushing. Rinse with water, use a fluoride rinse if you have one, and wait one hour to brush. I hope you are past the worst of it and on the mend!

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