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  1. Look at all those teeth! I can’t believe just a few months ago you guys were here and two were just starting to poke out! She’s growing so fast–and what a cutie!

  2. Amber, how about taking a picture of Tuesday with her little dresses I bought her so my friends and your relatives can see how darling she looks in them. Love you grandma

  3. Falling in love with those hats all over again. Did I tell you I’m knitting it with some of the green, blue, yellow hand spun you have me? Love all the teeth!

  4. Wow, she looks like a different little person with teeth! Just imagine what she will look like with hair! (more hair). Also I LOVE the hat!! Is there a pattern?

  5. great pictures! I really like the dress you made your god-daughter. Glad I finally got my explorer working. When William is better we need to have another park day. Happy sewing!

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