Well Tuesday, that’s snow…

Bj and I decided a quick day trip up to the mountain would be fun… We did not decide to stay up super late, get up again in a couple of hours and stay up for over THREE hours in the middle of the night however (that was Miss Sparkle Pants’ idea), so our tiredness put a little bit of a hiccup in our plans. And since I didn’t really make concrete plans our fun day of sledding ended up as a short bundle up and walk in the snow. I did score a great sled from Goodwill, next time…
Me and my girl.
Family photo – uh oh dog spotted by Tuesday!
Don’t worry about the dog Tutu look at the camera!
Maybe you’d like to stand?
Okay maybe not… well that was fun!
I am very glad I got all her snow gear on super ultra clearance because I don’t think she’s going to get much use of it! I have no idea where we can sled either, turns out no sledding at Timberline and at the sno park places they make you use their inter tubes. I am so NOT putting Tuesday on an inter tube! Any locals (in a two hour radius or so around Salem) know any places?

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  1. No clue! I’m a bad mom, we’ve never taken the kids sledding other than we get snow. They spent last weekend mud/snow sledding on a cardboard box while we were in St Louis–there was only about 2″ of snow at any given time… It was lovely. Lol…
    Sounds like a nice little get out of Salem trip tho! And atleast she got to wear the clothes once 🙂

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