Tuesday didn’t want to go to sleep early today, she didn’t want to go to sleep late either… she wanted to go to sleep much, MUCH later. So I cranked up the ISO and snapped a few pictures of my little explorer.
Love those very slight curls in the back.
Oh I didn’t know that egg went in there, thanks Tuesday!
Cute little baby fingers.
Then we went downstairs (where the big lights mean it’s always daylight!) so I could show you the thing I made when I was supposed to be making other things.
I found this great panel at Fabric Depot (hello that place is crazy insane). I figured I would just back it and wham play mat. But of course I couldn’t just do that!
I used a combo of left over minkie, upholstery material, quilting fabric (with some interfacing to give it more heft), and a thrifted blanket. This way it can be a little earth, land, sky play mat on the back.
Tuesday also worked on something she probably shouldn’t:
Pretending her cart is a Segway. Kids these days.

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  1. Love the Segway Tuesday! Speaking of Segway there might be an attempt to Segway from NY to LA. Not by me, by the guy who traveled the length of Manhattan in 19 hours by having strangers carry him in 11 degree weather… crazy guy.

  2. I love that fabric…. so awesome and the back is fantastic! great work on this project really inspiring! Most of all I love the pix of tuesday mixing it up in the cart she is rocking it my boys would love her!

  3. I read your blog and I think our kids would entertain each other – and we could sit back and get crafty while they do so. I always joke with my husband that we should hire a neighborhood toddler to run around because Tuesday could watch that craziness all day long!

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