I'm sure there is some clever title that is just out of my reach with this one, maybe "straight flippin' yo"? Tuesday has a few new skills. One is carting things all over the house and redistributing them. I find it quite funny to discover old receipts in mixing bowls and clean socks in between books on the shelves. The other new skill is flipping. Observe:

It's so cute. She talks to herself while she does it. Her favorite books right now are Ina May's Guide to Breastfeeding and Malcolm Gladwell's What the Dog Saw. Occasionally she'll cart around Understanding Waldorf Education, I think because of the apples on the cover. Anyway this reminded me that I never shared one of my favorite Christmas present ideas I had. 

My friend Tracy came across this company called Flip Clips in the back of some magazine. I decided to get a couple for Bj for his stocking (I also got this one). They were cheap, easy to do and shipped super fast. Now that Tuesday is doing super fun things like walking (and practically RUNNING) I need to get a few more made. 

In other news: 3.5 pounds away from pre-pregnancy weight and I had to stumble upon the easter candy aisle… 

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  1. i LOVE hearing her talk to herself. adorable!
    and thank you for posting about those flip books! i love that one of her eating + then drinking from her cup. so cute. i’ve been thinking about them lately (especially since i have the iphone now). i can’t wait to make some someday. i bookmarked the link!

  2. those flip books are great! i’m going to make some of the kids to give to the grandparents. thank you!

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