I’ll take you up on that!

My friend Tracy was lucky enough to stay in a beach cottage all this last week and had a few extra rooms. She wondered if our little family would like them to keep her and her little cutie company while her husband had to return to work. Needless to say we jumped at that! Bj had to finish up work, of course, so we didn’t get to leave until after five on Friday. It was a super quick trip, but so fun. We picked up pizza at a great little place I can’t even find online called Humble Pie Pizzeria (thank you Yelp!) in Lincoln City and headed to the cottage. Lachlan who was almost asleep when we got there eyed Tuesday suspiciously, but finally warmed up to her babbling and toy stealing. We went to bed late and had a little bit of a rough night (teething again I think). But it was all worth it. I was joking with someone who said that it’s usually the Oregon Coast, but the Beach if it is not raining. Well we went to the beach alright:


Can you believe that?!?! It was only a three block walk too:


Lachlan moseys down to the beach. Seriously this guy is so mellow and cute it just completely cracks me up—I love him!


Tracy let me try her Ergo. I love it so so much!


I couldn’t even feel her in it. I kept asking if she was really ok back there, it is so comfy! The kids loved the beach:


What a long way we’ve come from the “I don’t want one single grain of sand on me” days in Hawaii.


That’s right, I guess she’s a true Oregonian. Laughing hysterically at the waves and running as fast as she could towards them.

I had to take off her pants because they were getting so messy. I tried to get her to stand on my feet because the wet sand is so cold but she was fearless! These were the best pictures I’ve ever gotten from this point and shoot (who knew it had a beach mode?) so I had to share a bunch. I took zero today. I didn’t think you’d enjoy seeing me slumped over the computer doing inventory/tax stuff—yuck. We did take a walk in the pouring rain to round out our very Oregonian weekend. I hope yours was also full of outdoor wonder—yes to spring!

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  1. Great pics. Looks like you all had a fab time at the Coast. I love the beach in any weather. I am waiting for my ergo in the mail. Can’t wait to get it. Have heard great things about them.

  2. Bj LOVE the shirt. Lachlan walking down the street is priceless. He looks so independent. Makes me want to go to the beach—speaking of…?

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