For Donovan

Did you see that Ceara had her baby? A sweet little boy named Donovan that I can't wait to meet in a little over a month. Ceara said she didn't know if she was going to get a carrier, of course I decided that meant I needed to make her one. I found the Sew Liberated pattern and it was quick and easy:


iPhone photos, but you get the idea.


Of course it will look much different with a snuggly little newborn in it, but we had to try it out (and have used it quite a few times actually since it was sitting out). Now that I've made the pattern once I think I'm going to customize one and whip up a summer model to take Tuesday out and about in. The outer is a home decor weight canvas material and the inner is a flannel I had on hand. Oh and the whole thing folds up into the pocket:


Pretty awesome pattern, I recommend it! I only did a few really minor tweaks, like angling the ends of the straps and shortening them a bit. 

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