Know when to fold em

Oh goodness. I was really on a roll tonight. Here you see the first of I think seven layouts I did. Of course I had to try to squeeze in one more. At 11:45, not such a good idea. Now I’m blogging from my phone and have a big happy creative mess to clean up before I can sleep (after tutu is done nursing of course). Any advice for babies getting THREE molars at once? The teething tablets help, but all teething toys are too short to reach them. Hmm. Ok going to try to put her in crib.

Know when to fold em

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  1. Both of my girls loved to chew on toothbrushes instead of teething toys. I would buy lots of toothbrushes so they always had one to chew on. I washed them in the dishwasher to help kill the germs. I used regular kid toothbrushes and safety toothbrushes that are triangular shaped to make sure that they didn’t go too far in their mouths. I did find that they preferred the regular kids toothbrushes better because they could reach the molar area better. Hope that helps you.

  2. love your style. super cute LO!! try a frozen-ish washcloth for Tuesday to chew on 🙂

  3. No suggestions, but sympathy. We’re working on molars, too.

  4. We just finished the last one for a little while.
    Remember with teething tabs not to touch them.
    Nursing with both kids and with the tabs seemed to be the only thing.
    Just know that it will be over soon.

  5. poor tutu. three at once?! 🙁 i hope she feels better soon.
    and i love that page! and am way impressed on the seven layouts! so awesome 🙂

  6. I am totally doing this, she likes to play with her toothbrush but I never made the connect, duh! What are these safety toothbrushes you speak of? I don’t think I’ve ever seen them.

  7. Oh yes, I need to get back out the washcloth! Thanks for the reminder.

  8. Peace be with you my friend, and hopefully a little sleep too 🙂

  9. Hmm, what do you mean not to touch them? The teeth, the tablets, the kid? And yes, I’m sure Tutu could nurse all night, but man am I getting tired!

  10. This is SO cute! I love the bright colors! 🙂

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