Week in the Life—Thoughts

Wrap up-1

I always like to focus on the positive, but even so I miss things. Nothing has shown me how wonderful my life is more than this week in the life project. I'm taking more of a big picture approach to the week, and not just because I didn't journal every night. I like to see the rhythms of our day through the lens of the week because no one day ever really seems "typical" to me. We don't do baths every day, or trips to the grocery store (some days we don't even leave the house!), but all of our "regular" things do come up in a week. Looking back on the week I do see gaps. The big one is the lack of exercise for our family. The days seemed packed, but I'm not a fan of slouchy pictures of me. After seeing them I can give some forgiveness to people thinking I'm pregnant again. Also I could use a new bra.

I hope Tuesday sees the record of this week and feels all of the love we poured on her. I hope we remember sweet baby kisses and messy family dinners. I hope the next week in the life shows more outdoor time, less diaper laundry and the same amount of love. 

Wrap up-2 

Now I've got to sort through the wealth of memories I've gathered up and start making them into a story with words. I still think I'll go light on them though, as I did take pictures of just about every aspect of our lives! Thank you all for following along!

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  1. I just want to say that looking at your photos from the last week made me think, “Wow. She has a really clean house.” And it motivated me to start the week on a clean slate (well, floor, really). It’s made me keep things tidy, which has overflowed into the kitchen and helped me keep things simple there, too. Thanks for the fun glimpses of your life!

  2. I was wondering if all your brilliant reading materials went untouched last week.
    Last photo, stripped fabric: I’m wondering if that it from a sheet you found? I found the matching pillowcase at Portland’s “Largest Garage Sale.” Funny.

  3. i planned on doing a “thoughts” post too yesterday, but the day got away from me. i totally enjoyed seeing all your family does in one week, and your photos are/were fantastic!

  4. Dood. I don’t think you look slouchy or pregnant at ALL. However I do think you finally look like a grown woman and not a 16 yr old girl. Remember that, how people mistook you for a teenager. Now you look grown up. It’s good. You look good.
    I saw the cutest thing today! I was sitting in my car parked on a really nice block, eating my lunch with my windows open. A little baby girl about Tuesday’s age was walking on the sidewalk with an older woman speaking to her in Polish (she could have been grandma or the nanny). The little girl was wearing bright striped pants just like ones Tuesday wears in your pics, and she had the same hair, and she was wearing cute sunglasses too. I was watching her walk along and then… there was another one! In the same striped pants too! Oh they were soooooo cute. A matched pair.
    I guess they must have recently learned how to say hi, for one of them saw me in my car (and the lawns are quite deep here so I was not that close) and she lifted her hand and started waving me and saying “hi! hi! hi!” and then the other one came to see what she was looking at and took her sister’s hand, and then they were both waving at me and grinning and saying, “hi! hi! hi!” like it was super exciting to see some strange woman sitting in her car and eating lunch.
    I was laughing and waving back and saying “hi! hi!”
    oh it was too cute to describe on a blog comment but I bet you can picture it.
    oh i just had a thought, I was eating french fries, maybe that’s what they liked LOL

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