Leaving on a Jet Plane

But I do know when I’ll be back again… Next week! That’s right Tuesday and I are headed to go see my lovely friend Ceara and her new baby! I am so excited and also a little scared. Which is probably why I spent a good portion of the day turning this Goodwill find:
Into a busy baby kit.
This wallet has 21 pockets. It ought to keep her busy:
I was going to have a nice post all made about about these:
and our awesome new ric-rac. But I ran out of time. So I sent a sampling to Sarah and she is going to do a guest post, or two!
And thank you again for all the kind words about my album. Seriously I have the best readers, those comments made my day!
Now wish me luck on this cross-country red eye with my teething toddler!

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  1. FUN! i’m already brainstorming the fun things i can make 🙂 have a safe flight! i’ll be thinking of you and sending miss tuesday some SLEEPY thoughts! have fun visiting with ceara + snuggling cute little donovan!

  2. Wow I LOOOOOVE that orange wallet! Man I miss carrying a wallet. I love wallets. Like Tuesday, I love all the pockets. Sadly they are not functional for me any more, but I miss them.
    Have a fun trip!

  3. Lots of luck coming your way. Great idea on the wallet for tuesday. I may steal that idea from you for our disney flight to flordia.

  4. good luck on your flight!! You are SO BRAVE!!! I don’t think I could do it. Of course you have a little expert traveler on your hands, and you are the best travel mom ever!!! Hope you make it there safe, sound and with your nerves intact!

  5. Great travel idea! I have to get a wallet for my little miss. She goes through my diaper bag all the time. Haven’t lost any credit cards… yet! The ric rac flowers are so cute! I admire you for flying with Tuesday. Have a safe flight!

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