ric-rac and silk…oh my!

Hi! It’s Sarah!

Amber asked me to do a guest post or two while she’s away visiting her dear friend Ceara and snuggling Ceara’s sweet new baby boy. She also graciously sent me a package of two of my favorite Ribbon Jar products – RIC RAC and SILK! So, I thought I would show you a few things I’ve made with them!
First, remember this photo that she showed in her last post?
She sent them to me and they are beautiful!
I took a few of the plaid silk flowers, along with the orange ric-rac flower and added vintage buttons from my stash to their centers.
I thought they would look really sweet on a card:
Silk flower friend card
Silk flower thank you card
On the third card, I used both ric-rac flower and silk.
Silk flower hi card
Silk close up hi card
I love gathering the silk and stitching over it, but my sewing machine needed a new bobbin and I didn’t feel like winding one. So instead, I used glue dots! It worked great and I think I like the non-stitched look even better!
Here’s a look at all three cards together:
Silk ribbon cards
I’m looking forward to playing with the new ric-rac soon. It’s a new brand that she just started carrying so I haven’t had a chance to use it yet. Check it out:
One thing I can tell you is it’s so soft and the colors are rich and beautiful! My photo does not do it justice, it’s really quite lovely. I can’t wait to create with it!
Also, I’d love to see what people have made with ribbon from the ribbon jar or just ric-rac in general…link me in the comments if you have something to share! I’m always looking for craft inspiration!
I’ll be back with more projects to share in a day or two!

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  1. Sarah your cards are beautiful! I need to check out your etsy shop to see if you have any there. I used the ric rac on some valences for a baby’s nursery and I have to say it’s lovely to work with! Love the new colors Ribbon Jar has added!

  2. Sarah these are perfect! Ric rac and thickers a marriage made in heaven :). I lobe the idea of pleating silk with out sewing, I’m going to try that.

  3. I really like the pleating idea. I have a hard time getting ribbon to look “good”. I can never tie it right, and I *gasp* don’t stitch any of my scrapbooking/card making stuff. But that pleating looks super cute! Trying it next time 😉

  4. thanks sue! amber made these flowers and i’m not 100% sure how to make them yet. i do know amber talked about wanting to do a demo on how to make them though, so hopefully once she’s back + settled from her trip she can get one up.

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