Official: It’s on… details of the swap!

This is the “oh my gosh can you believe it she’s actually coming through with that swap” post! 

Like I’ve mentioned Sarah is going to be my co-captain on this Super Crafty Swap because I have so many fun ideas for it I thought I might need a little help! Here is the basic premise of the swap: 

1. you sign up and fill out a questionnaire (questions include what type of crafts you do, favorites, blog, address, etc.)

2. we match you with the most perfect partner (we hope! We are going to do a blind match, but not random, to try and align the craft types as much as possible)

3. you get your match and it is a secret!

4. you start filling your large flat rate priority mailbox full of goodies FROM YOUR STASH. And some other things not totaling more than $10.

5. you send your package and your partner screams with joy upon it’s arrival.

6. you get your package from someone else and you scream with joy, then email me so I can enter your partner into the drawing (just a nice incentive to get people to send on time). 

Simple right? 


Here’s the thing about the super cool crafty swap. It’s not just for scrapbookers, paper crafters and card makers. And it’s not just for knitters, spinners, bead lovers, crocheters, gymnasts, or general artist types. It’s for all those people and more! It’s so fun to have a big group of people who have many (or at least a few) crafty interests. But as long as you embrace craft you’ll love this swap. That’s because so many wonderful crafts can be mixed and matched. I do it all the time and it is fun! I’m going to make up a little example story so you can see how this might work.

So let’s say that Ann gets matched with Zoe. Ann likes to make cards and also knits and does a little embroidery on the side. Zoe likes to scrapbook. Sometimes she dabbles in sewing. So Ann does have some stuff that would be fun for Zoe that is easy to see, like paper and stickers, and all that loveliness. But Ann can also knit Zoe little flowers for her pages. She can make Zoe little tiny pieces of embroidery art that Zoe could use for a project. She could also riffle through her old books and pull out some funny illustrations. Maybe she has enough of a stash of embroidery stuff to make up Zoe a little kit. Also Ann starts reading Zoe’s blog and sees that she loves candy. So she spends part of her $10 on some candy, she also gets Zoe some cool new paper and a new journalling pen since Zoe writes her journaling on every layout with an American Crafts Pigment Pro. Ann also knows things about Zoe like her favorite color is purple, and (obviously) her initial so since Ann doesn’t like purple as much, and her name doesn’t start with a Z she picks out some fun purple stuff from her stash and throws that in there. She also goes through her alphabet embellishments and makes a neat little bag of Zs. And since Ann is so nice she wraps everything up with clever little tags. Meanwhile Zoe is making up her own box for her partner (who is someone different). 

The thing about this swap is that it is stuff from your stash but that doesn’t mean it has to be weird old things that wouldn’t quite suit the other person. Keep your partner in mind when going through your stash. If you come across a pile of things you can no longer use, and that doesn’t suit your partner’s interest, I urge you to donate it.  One awesome group to donate to is the person in charge of “lifebooks” at your local social service office (here is a link to each states main office). This is what I did recently and it was so appreciated by the woman who heads this program in my town. I think this way you can get rid of stuff that really could be holding you back and give to a great cause.

Sarah and I plan to have some great examples and projects to go in your boxes, so be on the look out. 


So want to join? Let’s go over the requirements:

-Must have an active blog or very active flickr account (so that your buddy can find out all about you! an active blogs posts at least once a week on average, a very active flickr account posts more than that and is inclusive of all your crafty endeavors) If it’s private that’s ok, only your buddy will get the login info.

-Must fill out questionnaire by May 24th.

-Be willing to send one large flat rate priority mail box by June 20th full of goodies (total cost of postage: $14.50, you can also spend up to $10 on your buddy).

-Be in the US or have an APO/FPO/DPO address and access to a large flat rate priority box (sorry I just can’t figure out how it would all work internationally for this round).

-Be awesome, don’t worry you already are if you’re reading this!

We are going to accept sign ups until May 23rd, or until we reach 50 participants. If you want to sign up email [email protected] and Sarah or I will send you back a confirmation that you got in, followed by a questionnaire (we’re still perfecting it right now) to fill out and return to us by May 24th.

If you have any questions leave them on this post and either I or Sarah will answer them in the comments section to keep all the information together, thanks!

The pretty pictures are from a package I finally put together for the winner of the tree age guessing contest. Emily check your mailbox in a few days!

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  1. super crafty fun indeed! I have sent my e-mail!:) What a great little motivator to get the creative juices flowing – I can’t wait to raid my own stash for goodies someone else would love!

  2. Like I told Sarah I may need a bit of encouragement. I’m not quite as crafty as so many out there, but I try.
    This sounds like fun!

  3. Sounds great but I don’t have a blog and I don’t flickr (not sure what that is). Have fun.

  4. I’m sorry I should have post a link to flicker: It’s an online photo sharing site. Some people are very active on it, and leave descriptions on there photos about products used, or even post tutorials. I know people who like it better than blogging because there is less writing and more pure photo sharing, also it can be a bit more private. Check it out!

  5. No worries Cheryl, you can still join up! I would encourage you to do a post about your crafty endeavors after getting your match up, so that your partner can find out a bit more about you. So email and sign up if you like, we’d be happy to have you.

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