Playing anyway

DId you know it’s raining here? Now it’s nothing really more than an inconvenience for me, and I don’t like to dwell on things. But good golly miss molly I”m getting sick of it! And I like rain, I love it! So I haven’t let us stop us (that and the prospect of staying inside all day with a toddler, not fun).
Our yard is coming together, behind schedule because of the rain, of course. It’s a nice big pit of sand and mud for Tuesday, and oh she loves it (these pictures are on a semi dry day… the ones I lost were truly messy, mud everywhere).
Don’t let this picture fool you, she gets into it.
Tuesday the destroyer! Hehehe. It’s really fun when halfway through she starts to sign hat and gets it all over her head.
Today we opted for a little more clean fun, since we had our pal William and his mama over.
This was not my original idea. I either found it on a blog or read it in one of my toddler busy books. I just hacked up magazines and catalogs to get colorful shapes, then stuck contact paper on the wall backwards. After they had their fill I stuck them on the outside of the slider.
I know when it comes to toddler art you should not care at all about the results, but I love it! Later I remembered I thought maybe it was supposed to be done with tissue and maybe that was why I bought four packs when it was on sale at Old Navy.
Yes, it makes more sense this way because you can put the art on the INSIDE of the house.

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  1. Wow your yard looks so good looking back at your house and tuesday looks like she’s having so much fun! Grandma might need a piece of her artwork!

  2. Great idea with the tissue. I am off to take a
    nap after my long walk. I like the action shot
    of the artists.

  3. i’m so looking forward to seeing the yard finished! tuesday looks like she’s enjoying it now…just wait until there’s grass to have backyard picnics on!

  4. loving your landscape renovation, I sure hope you’ll continue posting photos and sharing all the steps of the way!

  5. Oh- I did that project too. I found it on parent hacks. The tissue looks fabulous:) It’s been a while since I’d been on your blog and your little Tuesday is growing so much:)I am jealous of what a fearless eater she is. That could be rubbed off on my little boy.

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