Wanna see the front?

Ok so I still have to stain things in the back and finish up some bits here in there so I want to save those pictures. But check out the front!
Same view last summer:
Curb in the same place and it looks so much bigger to me!
Bj and my step dad made this super cute little picket fence.
I can’t wait to see my yard next year; especially this front part. Just image big bunches of lavender in the front with roses spilling over the top. I think I’m going to do tulip bulbs in front of the fence and crocus in front of the lavender for early spring. Try not to look too closely at the dogwood, it is the sickest of all our plants 🙁
I can’t say enough awesome things about our designer Tina. I never would have thought we could have a wider driveway, or plants in front of our picture window. Next year you’ll see clematis growing up one side of the porch and a climbing rose up the other.
We are eating out on the porch almost every night, just like last year. Tuesday loves to use sidewalk chalk all over the driveway and walkway. She digs in the dirt and picks up the little gravel. She hasn’t tried to shred the plants yet, she goes up to them and does a very dramatic show of smelling them. Speaking of plants we could never have gotten all of these in the ground on one of the hottest days of the year without our awesome friends and family! Seriously we were freaking out that they would all die and for the most part they have come through great. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

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  1. amber, it looks AMAZING! i loved it before the plants, but man…it looks so, so great! looking forward to seeing the back. AND seeing it in person as well!
    oh! and i just looked at the dailies – the fence is awesome!

  2. That is FANTASTIC! The brickwork and stone is amazing.
    I love lavendar too! I forgot to plant it this yr., thanks for the reminder!

  3. That is going to stay graveled. We never had a walkway for the public in front of our house (the sidewalk ends with our neighbors) so we wanted to have someplace people could walk.

  4. Beautiful! And perfect porch eating weather. We attempted to eat on the patio, but the dog either tries to steal the food, or sits in the house and barks. Ugh.

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