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Oh my goodness this took longer than I thought it would. I envisioned an evening of putting furniture together, spray painting a table and dressing up the porch. After three goes at the bench, and a little bit of tub soaking, multiple spray paint "issues" and the quickest planting ever the porch is dressed!

I love it so much, it's exactly the kind of outdoor room I was hoping for.
The table was really what held up this project. It was a rusty whitish estate sale find and I figured an easy spray paint make over. Well not only did I not bother to sand it (so I may be painting it again in the future), but I taped it all up only to realize that it had to be taken apart to fully be painted. I also completely forgot I had one of those awesome spray paint guns and got black spray paint all over myself and a cramped finger as a result. But today Sciarrino came over and watched Tuesday and I got it put back together. Thank goodness the chairs (which I also thrifted) were already painted black. Table cloth, tray, and lamp were all from recent thrifting.
Earlier in the week Bill came over to help me put together my Christmas present, this awesome bench. It only took us three tries. He pointed out that if we had more benches to put together we would be golden for the next ones. So I guess we're go to bench assemblers now. Meanwhile my mom and Tuesday were hanging out watching us and staying cool. 
The water baby loved bathing in here. I'm keeping the bin out and full of pillows when not in use by cute little babies:
It was thrifted (I know, shocker). The rug is from Costco. I love it, it is super soft, made from recycled pop bottles. I was originally going to look for a woven type, but this is much nicer for Tutu to play on, and was so much less expensive.
To the right of the door. This old produce stand (I think) has been a few different things in my house (packaging materials for ribbon jar, winter gloves/scars hold, among others), but I think it looks best out here. The planter was given to me by my mom and I love how it's aged:
Tuesday and I have hung out here everyday this week, it's lovely in the afternoon when the sun has ducked behind the house. I can be out when my neighbors come home from work so Tuesday can see all her friends.
I once again have to thank my friend Matt for coming up with the design of this porch. It totally has changed the look of our house. Since you can't really see our addition from the front it is the most drastic change people notice. Many of my neighbors have come up to me this week to comment on it, I think they are as glad as us to have it done!

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  1. i love porches!! I can’t wait for my next home because nothing like sitting outside in the front yard and being apart of the neighborhood and enjoying outside time! your porch looks AMAZING! 🙂 have a great weekend! xo

  2. Gorgeous! You are so talented and Tuesday in the Tub is quite possibly my favorite picture of her. That is great. I am so jealous of your porch too. We live in a townhome and while I do have a deck the wood is crap and there is no awning of any kind so it isn’t cozy at all…. I’m just going to dream about yours in the meantime!

  3. The deck looks amazing, I especially like the picture of you and Tuesday enjoy it! She loves her Mama!

  4. It is gorgeous and I love it! You are my favorite blog to read – so happy to have regular posts waiting for me. 🙂

  5. the porch looks AMAZING! how fun to have it finished…it’s super cute.
    and that photo of you and tuesday is so cute! i love the way her little arm is wrapped around your face – such sweetness!

  6. I’m telling you this costco rug is awesome. It was $22.97 and I think it would cut easily. It’s so soft, and I think it would dry really fast. It could probably cover up most of the wood you don’t like (unless it’s unsafe and like rotten). I know you sew, you could whip up a few pillows….
    Bj said the same thing about that picture of Tuesday!

  7. Hey Amber!
    I’m loving your porch! Still living in a flat …. no porch! no garden!
    In the last picture Tuesday cracks me up – sooooOOO sweet! (;
    Have a nice day!
    Katharina (;

  8. Looks amazing Amber! I love the chairs! Cant wait to see all your hard work when I come for Reids wedding! P.s. I have a week of nothing between the two wedding (kristen and sarah), so I will be stopping by your place hanging out with you and Tuesday!

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