Party like it’s 1980

Last night my wonderful husband threw me the best party of my life. I told him I wanted a backyard party with BBQ burritos and our friend’s band playing. The rest was up to him. He went crazy and almost all my friends came, it was brilliant.
The set up for the band:
Jettison Bend. Really it was just Brian going solo since his bandmates had commitments, but it was so great! His music is awesome, please clicky click on their link.
Looking back up at our house (reusing the garland from Tutu’s party). I guess since tomorrow is my birthday I can tell Bj that I really want french doors, ha (groan the house will never be done… :)!
I have been excited about my 30th birthday since I was nearly 8 and my mom turned 30. Of course what I remember and what really happened might not be lined up just right but in my eyes then nothing was cooler than the shindig my dad planned. A limo came to our house, but it was a funny limo with a sign that said my mom only looked “29 1/2”. I don’t even know where they went, but they didn’t come home until we were asleep and my mom was dressed all glamorous. I’ve told Bj that story lots of times so he triple checked that I didn’t want to go some where. I didn’t though because I love our yard and our friend’s music and thought this would be so fun.
But guess what? It was even more fun than that! Tuesday had a blast over at Donna’s house with William and his grandma and aunt. She stayed their for three hours until ten, when I brought her back to the party and then she stayed up until 11 saying hello to everyone.
What can I say about my lovely husband? He put up lights, and made food, and even squeezed 30 organic lemons and brewed lavender lemonade for his favorite non-drinker (me :). Sciarrino and Sarah helped too, making signs and picking up three of my favorite desserts (peanut butter pie from Big River in Corvallis) on the sly.
I felt like the luckiest girl last night, nothing could have been better. Tomorrow I’m 30 on the 30th!

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  1. It was a wonderful party! You looked gorgeous, and the yard was perfect. I thought BJ did an excellent job 🙂
    Happy almost Birthday! I hope tomorrow is perfect!

  2. Happy Birthday Amber!!! It’s your golden year!!! I’ve been following your blog since about 2005 or 2006 when you first purchased your little cottage and life seems to keep getting better for you! Congratulations and may your 31st year be full of the same – love, laughter, family, good eatin’ and creative craftin’!

  3. I agree with Mary, the yard looked awesome, the music was wonderful and that cake – YUM! Happy birthday, I can’t wait to see what cool things you make and do this year!

  4. Happy 30th Birthday Amber! The yard looks beautiful… glad it was done before your birthday!

  5. What an awesome party. It looks like something out of a magazine! You are one lucky woman with such a thoughtful husband. Hope your birthday is filled with many more surprises and another great year to come.

  6. What a beautiful place to host a party. Love the lights how they perfectly frame the party area! Great job party planner… Birthday Girl looks fabulous! Happy Birthday Dearest Daughter!

  7. it was a GREAT party! the yard, the food, the decorations … all were fantastic! love the photo of you with the cake, pure joy in that photo! happy birthday my friend! i hope this year brings all kinds of fun!

  8. I’m so sorry to have missed it. I was thinking of you during my middle of the night shift during Portland to Coast!

  9. Well it’s your Golden Birthday, then! (Mine was when I turned 14 on the 14th waaaaaay back in the day). Congrats to you and to your fantastic hubby for a great party!
    I still remember my 30th — I went to Amsterdam. Partied in the Red Light District. You know, drugs and whores, that’s how I roll. LOL. But I think a party with all my loved ones would have been better. I’ve never gotten one of those (hence planning trips away on my big birthdays).
    Great photos too! Happy happy birthday to you.

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