That speedy thing called summer

Well, we got a decidedly late summer start here and I’ve had no desire to welcome fall anytime soon. With temperatures looking high into the next week I don’t think I’ll have to. We have not necessarily been super busy, just having a good time loving life. Helping this is the fact that I really truly think I kicked my diet coke habit. I don’t know what came over me really, the day before I decided to stop I bought a 12 pack! Overall we have been eating local and organic (and yummy summer fruits and veggies, yum!) so I think I knew it was coming. I just started thinking about the chemicals and processing and I snapped, quit cold turkey halfway through a can. It’s crazy because I only ever quit one other time, while pregnant, and I’m not pregnant now and I can really tell this time the difference in how I feel; so much better. I eat so much less, I have so much more energy. I know that doesn’t seem right since it’s supposed to give you energy (and it was my only source of caffeine), but I do! I’ve been working out again and I’m hoping by my 30th birthday (on the 30thβ€”cool, huh?) that I’ll be at pre-baby weight (totally doable I only have 1.5 pounds to go).
Now a photo recap. We’ve been visiting Hazel and William:
(my favorite shot from a photo shoot I did over there).
We visited another newborn. Tuesday was a fan:
The newborn (who I’d like to point out has more hair than my 19 month old daughter) was not so sure about her:
Hehehe, such a cutie.
I started collecting things for our new play kitchen:
Living room-3
It will be no problem getting picture of Tuesday playing with it because she love, love, loves it (that should tell you how bad I’ve been about snapping things around here).
Tuesday and I went Blueberry picking for Salem Neighborhood Harvest. Her second time, my third. What a great program. We pick bushes/trees that have been donated and half the harvest goes to the food bank. The other half we get to keep. I was informed by another picker that if you want 1/2 cup of blueberries a day you need 70 pounds a year! (My breakfast of late is 1 cup cereal, 1/2 cup soy milk and 1/2 cup fruit)
I would not recommend letting a toddler go nuts in a blueberry patch unless they are potty trained, I think they’d get a terrible rash… no self control. Every time I looked over she was stuffing handfuls in her mouth.
We had a play date with crew girl babies toddlers:
Soon this shot will be impossible, such busy little people! Tuesday’s been growing I think, she looks as tall as other kids her age now (she was never that short though, just skinny). And I’ve gone through her clothes three times in the last month!
Tuesday has probably 50 signs she uses (we taught her ASL). I started writing them down, but she picks them up so quick! She also says mama, papa and nana in the sweetest little voice. Other words like Seana (our neighbor), dirt, and yes come and go. She does do a mean firetruck impersonation though.
I’ll leave you with a video I shot on my iPhone during dinner, man I love this kid!

And a few notes: I updated the side bar with more dailies, updated reading list, and some fun links. If you ever want to check in between posts my twitter status is over there too (here is a direct link). I’m guessing posting will be light the rest of the summer!

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  1. Cracking up over here!!!! That is hilarious. I’m so glad you kicked that dirty old habit and realized there is nothing good about putting that stuff in your body! Welcome to the other side my friend.

  2. no more diet coke? awesome job! i’m down to one a week. i’ve stopped buying cans of it, and usually only stop for a $1 diet coke from McD’s. i’ve noticed that i don’t even really drink half of it though. i guess i’m weening myself off of it πŸ˜‰
    that video cracks me up! such a goofy, fun girl! i love her!
    and katie, i just saw amber’s dailies…your quilt is AWESOME! and yes! please start blogging – PLEASE!

  3. oh my gosh that video made me laugh so hard I am wiping away tears!! She is so cute! What resources did you use to teach her ASL? I know you are a pro, but hoping you have a book or video to recommend. Also love the popsicle, yum! I can’t believe the diet coke is really going to be gone……that was your only vice! (other than collecting insane amounts of yarn, and fabric) πŸ™‚

  4. OMG! I gave up diet dp almost a month ago now (I was up to like a million cans a day). I cut it down to only having soda when out of the house and never buying cases for home. Then, one day I said, no more! And I haven’t had one since. Lots of water with lemon and iced tea. I do feel better, but still always tired.
    PS – I love the toddler line-up pic!!!

  5. That video is hysterical! And YAY you for the coke thing! I’ve pretty much cut out all soda but I’ll have Cherry Dr. Pepper here and there… πŸ˜‰

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