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Ugh, Bj’s cold attacked me too! Yuck! I hate being sick, and having my ears plugged like this. I’m mostly better but it will be a happy day when I can pop my ears, that’s for sure!
One thing I managed to do while sick was make up this cute banner for a baby shower I am throwing tomorrow:
Baby’s room will be orange with a jungle theme so I thought this would be cute for the shower and if the mama wants to put it up in the nursery for a bit she can. It went together super quick because my step mom let me borrow her Cricut, have you guys ever used one of these?
Oh it is so much fun for a project like this. After I was done with the banner (I used this cartridge and this one) I couldn’t stop myself from cutting up other things. Using this cartridge I cut out a bunch of asterisk type things.
Not sure what I am going to do with them yet. The tool set my step mom has was totally necessary to get the shapes off of the mat.
After playing with this man I am seriously lusting over one of these digital die cutting machines. I think the Cricut is super easy to use, but I’ve got my heart set on a Sillhouette SD, does anyone have one? I am determined to win one right now. There are a couple giveaways going on (Blue Cricket Designs and Twig and Thistle are hosting two of them). The Silhouette doesn’t take cartridges and you can play with it hooked up to your computer. Since I happen to know an awesome graphic designer (who by the way has a blog IN THE WORKS) I think that would be the better option. After playing with my step mom’s machine I’m afraid I would be a cartridge collecting fool! Probably getting use my own fonts to cut would be the better option.
I won’t be scrapping for a while, I’ve got things piling up on my plate, including the shower tomorrow and some warmer weather that is happily keeping me outside!

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  1. After reading your title I thought you had a whole different topic in mind. Cool color combo! That banner looks professional! Your friend is super lucky to have you throw her a shower. It is like having Martha Stewart throw a shower….sure to be awesome! Hope you feel better soon. Being sick is tough, especially with an active munchkin at home. They say laughter is the best medicine!

  2. You can plug your Cricut into your computer, too. In fact, after I bought the software for using it with my computer, I quit buying cartridges. I have WAY more fonts than I will ever use, so I have less guilt by cutting a font that I’ve already paid for and not buying another cartridge. 😉

  3. I have a Cricut and I love it. I have so much fun cutting things when I have time to play around with it, and I’ve made lots of cute cards using it. There is a software program called ‘sure cuts a lot’ that you can use any svg file with, and send it to your Cricut. I think this is very beneficial for fonts, but I like using the cartridges for the more complex, layered shapes. I don’t know that I’d be able to create a detailed layered shape using my own images. Either way you’ll have a blast! And you can get great deals on the system as well as cartridges on ebay.

  4. I think if you have the Cricut just try SCAL and and there is another one as well and I love it. I can go online find coloring book pages that I love and grab those images and or just different things. Although I do want one as well .. just because. I would have to order it online. I refuse to purchase any big ticket items while stationed in the UK TOO much LOL. I will just wait until I go back home to Atlanta ..
    Good luck ..

  5. I just posted that I ordered the Silhouette. I did download the trial SCAL and it is so cool! I think it’s really similar to what the Silhouette does out of the box, we’ll see. I got a sweet deal on it, so I’m excited.

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