Picking in the Rain

This morning their was a break in the drizzle we’ve had for a few days and Tuesday and I worked out in the yard trimming, dead-heading, and weeding. Tuesday didn’t just stick by the tomato plants and eat them non stop like usual (though she did pick a couple of peppers). I think that is because her and papa went out this weekend and she got her fill.
First papa has to get you all bundled up (while he stays in shorts!)
To the right is all of my basil, I have to make some pesto!
Of course sampling is so important.
A mouth full of tomatoes.
Pretty much cherry tomatoes are the only thing we’ve got this year. We also had some of the yellow pairs ripen up and a very few of our other kinds. There are still so many green tomatoes on the vine, I’m not giving up hope yet! And thank goodness for our CSA box. The tomatoes in that keep us in fresh salsa, yum.

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  1. i swear i commented on this. apparently only in my mind!
    she does look freaking cute in that rain hat! that photo of her with the mouth full of tomatoes is ridiculously adorable!

  2. Really wish I had Tuesday’s hat this AM… It’s really raining here in Burlington VT, think I’m going to get wet! Remember I’ve got lots of tomatoes in my garden if you run out!

  3. The baby is so cute she is ready for a big shower. I would love to know where you purchased the rain hat and coat and boots how cute i live in Henderson Nevada we dont get much rain but i would like to get some thing for a granddaughter who lives in Ca. Please let me know again Thank you so much love and blessings to you all Cheyenne

  4. Hi Cheyenne. I love all this rain gear, and I scored all of it on sale. I got the jacket last year. It’s from mini Boden:
    It has held up so great, I love the detachable hood, and the snug jersy cuffs under the shell, so that dirt and water don’t run down her arms. The boots and rain hat are from Polarn O. Pyret: http://www.polarnopyretusa.com/
    They have the smallest boots I’ve seen. Both of those sites have lots of deals if you sign up for their emails, and first time buyer discounts. Enjoy!

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