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-what a day around here. I had a very upset toddler who was not telling me why she was upset. This is rare, I usually get a lot of signing on her wants/needs. 

-Finally in the evening we had the double combo of grandma coming over and getting her to eat (exactly what I had been trying to feed her, but better because grandma was doing it, of course) and some major poops. Have I mentioned we use these and love them? This is our out and about option (she can go with out it, but is more comfortable when the opening on a toilet is smaller).

-Tuesday has slept through the night a few times in a row now, but I can not seem to get used to it. Has this happened to anyone else? 

-I can't wait to show you what I did with this and this. Hello heat gun, I've missed you. 

-Of course that all depends on getting a certain toddler to let me take a picture. I had to pack my orders today with her on my back. I can't remember the last time I did that. The Ergo is still working great (Tuesday is probably a little over 20 pounds). 

-I got a big order of summer time prints from Shutterfly. And I scrapped one of the contact sheets that comes with your order. I love it.

-I tried to use a Michael's coupon to get this, but I'm pretty sure it's impossible to get anything there I want with a coupon EVER (they either don't have it or it's on sale for a tiny bitβ€”boo!).

-My mom closed up her pool today. Maybe the earliest ever, and she opened it late because of the nasty weather. So a very short season to swim. Tuesday was just getting comfortable.


-I want to build on that so I signed her and I up for swim lessons.

-Which meant I had to go buy a sport type one piece. Which I haven't done since I taught swimming… and was tan and very fit. At least swimsuits were all on sale everywhere.

-I finished watching The Gilmore Girls. My lovely neighbor had all seven seasons on DVD. Bj has heard this about a million times but, I wanted a montage at the end, damn it. 

-Then I watched The Young Victoria which was waiting for months for me to watch it while I powered through Gilmore Girls. I'm sorry I made you wait Victoria, you were brilliant! 

-Now I'm not sure what to watch while I scrap and clean, or fold laundry, or… (I tend to watch things in snippets on my computer here and there). I've even started up watching the news again. It's depressing. Anyone have a better idea? 

-I actually took the garbage out and sorted the recycling/composting before getting on the computer… kitchen duties, you will not be so lucky.

-Time to eat more freshly made salsa.

Amber out.


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  1. Poop can be rough on little ones. I hope she’s more cheerful tomorrow.
    I’ve been on a peach salsa kick, super yummy!!
    Where are you doing swimming at? I want to join somewhere that has a pool..we’re thinking courthouse since I get a work discount…but then a family membership is spendy…
    Im so excited for fall weather! Remind me in a couplemonths when I’m complaining about walking to work in the rain…

  2. Glad I was able to help a bit. Looking forward to doing a bit more crafting as the weather changes I can’t wait to see what you’re working on. I agree that news can be depressing have you thought about watching a bit of Oprah? it’s her last season and her last few shows have been inspiring.
    Yes I was sad to close the pool and wanted to swim first thing this AM even those it’s chilly (that’s actually the most fun). I hope to open it earlier next year and have lots of pool parties! My goal is to swim at the Kroc center once a week, we’ll see… Hope you have a great day with Miss Tuesday!

  3. cannot wait to see what you’ve been creating! a heat gun is on my wish list for my birthday. i told my mom that it was VERY high up on the list so my fingers are crossed πŸ™‚
    hmmm. what could you watch? i usually just put in friends dvd’s when i’m scrapping. that’s probably not much help though for “new” shows to watch…
    p.s. what is an affiliate link?

  4. I love my heat gun! In fact I have two! I was going to suggest tunning into Glee. I just love the message it conveys- you know that feeling you get when watching Oprah? That you’re almost becoming a better person just by watching her show. I get that with Glee, not to mention Finn (Cutie-Patootie) is from BC Canada. Also, I would like to add, The Young Victoria is one of my FAVORITE movies of all time.

  5. So sad the pool is closed up! Holy cow we were just there and it was hot sunny and delightful. How quickly seasons change. About sleeping thru the night- it is great that Tuesday is getting so much good sleep. I can comment on your trouble sleeping thru the night. For the short stint (maybe 3 weeks) that Chloe slept thru the night it was hard to get used to. I would wake up 3 times a night wondering why she wasn’t waking up… that went away after a few weeks. In fact just when I started to settle into it and sleep thru the night myself, Chloe changed her mind and started getting up at night again. There is no winning in this sleep game. But I advise you to ENJOY IT for the rest of us!!! Looks like you finally hit the jackpot! As for TV shows have you ever watched sex in the city? I have the box set!

  6. I’m there with you on the Michael’s coupons. All I want right now are MS punches and they often have MS on sale for 20% off, almost just so you can’t use your 40% or 50% off coupon on her stuff! It was hard to find anything worth using my coupon on this week. I was so bummed! They had a few new Tim Holtz things on an endcap that weren’t on sale, so I went with one of those items. I am holding out hope that I will someday have a 50% off coupon and MS won’t be on sale!
    As for something to watch, I like scrapping to Arrested Development and Veronica Mars (my all time fave). Of course those aren’t anything new! I also watch (mostly listen to) some stuff on USA shows like White Collar and Royal Pains are fun. Have you seen the new show Lauren Graham is on? Parenthood? Hope you can find something you like!

  7. My mom thinks she has an extra heat gun, so stay tuned… An affiliate link is when you get a tiny bit of money from someone clicking through and buying something. I’m not sure exactly how it works but in about a year and a half I’ve made like ten bucks πŸ™‚

  8. I am telling you if I can’t get a punch with my 40% off coupon on Sunday I am going to scream! I read my husband this comment and he said, “yes, watch Arrested Development!” So I might have to do those. I’m watching a Parenthood on Hulu as I type this and the other shows I haven’t heard of, but will look up. I have a love hate thing with TV, but I watch so little now, usually just in to one show at a time, and on the computer while I’m doing things.

  9. There really isn’t one. I’ve seen four year olds in them. I can’t paste for some reason but I just looked on their site and it says 40 pounds, but up to 90 if you’re comfortable.

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