Artistic. Each in our own way

Tuesday and I have been being artistic lately. I need to get even more crafty, but that will require a holiday gift list. Right now we are just creating for who ever 🙂
I found some sweet paper at an estate sale last summer so Tuesday is doing some fine artwork:
I am completely enamored with it and want to keep it all! I love that she wants to use every color/medium I put out for her. For these works I taped the paper (with drafting tape) right to the table so it wouldn’t shift around.
For my step-mom for letting me borrow her Cricut.
For me because I love this photo. I think I’ve figured out layout picture taking:
Depends on the natural light of course. Hung with a loop of drafting tape.
Cut with the Silhouette.
Cut with punches.
The weather has really turned… I feel a lot more crafting coming on! A quilt is sitting on my couch right now to be finished off by hand (the binding). Are you feeling the cool weather crafting bug coming on?

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  1. Love all the scrapping you’ve been doing… I on the other hand have been knitting… and organizing things so that I can be very productive inside now that the weather has turned!

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