6 Replies to “Tuesday Today”

  1. Wow, she looks so much like you in that first shot. And I know what you mean, you could be so sleepy and upset with these little munchins, but one smile, cute look, or snuggle and it makes everything better.

  2. She is getting so much hair! I hope she starts sleeping better soon. Maybe the shorter days will help?

  3. Tuesday, you’re making me hungry. Pose and composition of color in the second photo is fantastic. Green: scarf pot, something on the pew, in the rug, fireplace border, inside cup, bib—lovely!

  4. ceara took the words right out of my mouth. that first photo looks just like you! love that sweet girl. agreeing with erin as well, and hoping the shorter days will help the little one learn to love sleeping.

  5. Those curls are adorable – she’s such a pretty one!!

  6. Are those curls in pigtails I see?
    Pig tails = adorable
    Early mornings = not-so-adorable

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