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Sarah and I had another fun craft day together last weekend. I was going for super simple on my layouts, since we usually talk more than we scrap. 🙂
The name was cut with the Silhoutte, it’s only in two pieces. I found that welding (over lapping the letters) is really easy to do, and it makes it so easy to stick the cut outs down. That little heart was crocheted by Sarah’s mom, she also made me this:
So sweet. I may have to give crochet another shot…
Title is from the Silhoutte again (why yes, I will be a walking ad for one now). I love that you can pick any font to cut. I’m trying not to get all addictive in the font downloading arena. But if you’re rocking an Apple computer don’t forget to utilize your font book to organize them. You can see all the characters before you use the font, it’s great!
Yes, I used my Silhoutte (and a download from their store), but I also used one of my oldest scrpbooking products. Any guesses? It’s from 1994 yo. Think about that…
Gold embossing powder. That I bought at the fair! I’ll be honest and say this might be the first time I used it. It was part of a set and I’m not the biggest gold fan.
I present the world’s longest title! I wanted to utilize this hexagon punch Sarah was borrowing from a coworker.
I love this punch. See I still have room in my heart for a punch or two (or a couple dozen).
Sun day-1
This next one is pretty simple, and I wouldn’t normally share this type, but man oh man I love these pictures.
I swear you can almost hear the laughing!
I love scrapbooking “out of order” I scrapbook Library of Memories style, so I was cleaning out my 2006 binder and wanted to get some of these memories recorded before I tossed/filed/archived the remaining photos. I still might have a few layouts to do from that year.
How do you scrapbook? The only thing I’m not crazy about with this system are little details that sometimes get forgetten. I go back to the blog often, but I think I need to keep a tiny notebook or something with me. If you don’t scrapbook a photo for a few years what do you do?

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  1. I think I’ve decided that given how I kind of fell down on last years crafting goals, I need to come up with a plan for 2011 that is functional, fun and will work. I love how you used stuff you’ve had around in new ways..those embossed gold dots are fabulous!
    So…in 2011 my plan is to only use what I have, no matter what. If it’s knitting, or spinning, or scrapping etc I will be going to the stash and using what I have or looking at other supplies jn new ways. I will allow replenishing of adhesives, but I think this could work. I also have given up on my intention to chronologically get my scrapping back to the present. For years and years I was diligent and then things dropped by the wayside and then I went digital etc. Well, looking at your oases recently made me realize I can just work with what pleases me to make pages from various years over the past decade and it can work.
    Thanks for the great ideas.

  2. I have always tried to scrap in chronological order (because until recently I used Creative Memories albums and needed the pages to be in order; now I use the layouts that can be inserted into the page protectors) but it drives me crazy, because if i get stuck on something I feel like I can’t move ahead until I finish that layout. I really need to challenge myself to scrap whatever I have photos of at the time, and then sort it out later.
    If you enjoy downloading fonts, one of my favorite sites is, and also (click on “free silverware” for free downloads).

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