The next big adventure

So last weekend we took Tuesday to the pumpkin patch. We met up with a couple of friends:
Karen’s lovely funny girls… and Karen, of course.
This is as close as I got to all three toddlers together… FAIL! 🙂
Tuesday picked this pumpkin. Whenever we walk up to the house she does this little crouch down move and takes both pointer fingers out and says, “hiiiiiiii.” to it. Oh my, so cute!
Then I decided to give her part of a apple cider donut because, I don’t know, I’m crazy?
We just brought the little point and shoot, but Bj also brought his little video recorder thing. And so soon the whole world will see our adventure, in The Patch:

I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot of these previews. Bj is addicted!

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  1. There’s nothing wrong with giving your little munchkin a cider donut… it is fall, of course! And The Patch?!?! OMG!!! LOL LOL LOL!!!! I love it–“Papa” Tuesday’s slow-mo eye roll = hilarious!

  2. You may get lots of hits on the video… and most will be mine! It’s hilarious! looks like such a fun day! And I’ve been craving those donuts everyday since having some on our trip. You can get more at Roth’s just incase a craving occurs!

  3. that movie trailer is awesome – such a creative husband you have!
    looks like the patch was fun, and you had nice weather too!
    love that she greets her pumpkin like that, that is adorable.

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