I can no longer slack on weekend posts…

Especially when I hang out with two other bloggers, I know they will dish on everything we do!
Kristen (oh I like your new header Kristen, awesome picture!), Sciarrino and I had a sewing day in my basement. Kristen and I are being our own paparazzi here because we both made camera strap covers (Sciarrino snapped this picture of usβ€”ignor my never going to be finished triangle quilt please, I found other things to occupy my time).
We (very loosly) used this tutorial. But we just made wider strips that we folded in half. And we used interfacing I had on had, so it was the really thin stuff, not padded.
Then we “quilted” them onto our existing straps. If I ever want to change it I can pick out the stitching and pull it off. But I don’t think I will I love it and wish I would have done it a lot sooner!
Kristen also made these:
She saw them somewhere, bought a couple, and realized she could do it herself (velvet + rice + real pumpkin stems).
I can’t show you what Sciarrino worked on (top secret), but I did finish another outstanding project:
No specific plan for this pillow it just makes me happy, happy, happy!
The back. The exuberant toddler was more interested in this cute little bag I made her:
The print is from Christina (the Sometimes Crafter). When I saw it I knew I had to get it to make something for Tuesday.
I even put a little pocket in it:
With Sciarrino and Kristen’s help it came together really quickly.
Oh ya, she loves it. The outfit? She’s a toddler, what can I say?
It went with us everywhere today.
You love it don’t you Tutu?
Oh and for all you Portland Modern Quilt Guild members, don’t forget to fill up your baggie next time you sew. I stuffed mine to the max so the person who drew mine would have some options. For those of you not in our guild we are swapping baggies filled with favorite bits of fabric. Then we make something with them (using only one additional fabric plus batting, pillow forms, zippers, buttons, etc.) and give it back to the person who brought the fabric. Such a cool idea!
And thank you for all the kind words about starting up my photography business (for reals!). I am so excited!!!

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  1. those camera straps are awesome! maybe you can help me make one sometime? looks like it was a really fun sewing day!
    also, what a fun swap with the quilt guild! i can’t wait to see what you get back!

  2. What an incredibly cool weekend you had – so lucky to have crafty friends – where are these people in WI?:) I have been wanting to make a camera strap – thanks for the link!

  3. So, I don’t mean to be a stalker but when I see your fun adventures with crafty friends it totally makes me think that Em and I need to live closer to you (instead of half-way across the country). I am confident that we would all be friends.

  4. Amber, make sure you tell BJ super thanks for freeing you up. I love these get togethers, I have gotten so many sewing to-do’s crossed off my list. Next big one… the quilt. Thanks for sharing your scraps. Muah!

  5. OMG so many awesome designs! I also LOVE the camera straps…. how did I never think of that? It seems so obvious to decorate the things you use all of the time, but I never ever ever ever would have thought of that great idea. Love the baby handbag too. Tuesday looks like such a grown up little girl with it. I can just picture her putting her crayons, books and toys in there. So cute!

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