The biggest giveaway

Okay so I wanted to do something awesome for all you wonderful readers! Thank you so much for coming over to my newly designed blog at this new address (and for updating your links)! I am so excited about this new adventure, as I’m sure you can tell πŸ™‚ So what am I giving away?
Well first up it’s a family photo shoot and $300 worth of products (prints, canvases or digital negatives). For a total value of $450 (yes, really!).

The details. The shoot is for a family of 6 or less, I can accommodate more but it will be an additional charge. I serve the mid-Willamette Valley, travel 60 miles from zip code 97308 is included. The prizes are in the form of a gift certificate (which will expire January 31st, 2012). If you would like a friend or relative to enter for you so you get another chance, that’s fine (one comment per person/household please!), I’d love more people to check out the new blog! To be entered in this giveaway just comment and include GIVEAWAY #1.
Of course I couldn’t forget all my wonderful readers who don’t live near me!
The second giveaway is for the first ever Life in Color scrapbook kit (hehehe). Valued at… um, wait, my husband reads this blog. Let’s just say it has lots of awesome stuff in it.

Want a few detail shots of that goodness?

I’ll ship this kit anywhere, so yes my readers in Canada, Germany, and anywhere else can enter too! Just leave a comment with GIVEAWAY #2 in the comments section below.
To repeat: To enter the photo shoot giveaway leave a comment with GIVEAWAY #1. For the scrapbook kit leave a comment with GIVEAWAY #2, and if you want to be entered in both just leave ONE comment with both GIVEAWAY #1 and GIVEAWAY #2 on it (I’m sorry but if your comment doesn’t include either one of those you will not be entered). That’s one comment per person/household. You don’t need to tweet, blog, facebook (ooh but I do have a page now) or anything else. But if you WANT to that is awesome, I’d love to spread the word about my blog!
The giveaways are open until Wednesday, February 2nd, and winners will be chosen randomly and announced here Thursday, February 3rd. If the winner(s) can’t be reached by February 8th a new winner will be chosen. If any questions pop up I’ll edit the post and answer them here instead of the comments section.

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  1. Of course I would LOVE a family shoot with you when my little guy arrives (just 5 weeks til due date as of today) but since we’re across the country, I’d like to enter GIVEAWAY #2 for your fabulous scrapbook goodies. Speaking of, I took a snow day today and promise to get out my stuff. It’s been too long!

  2. What a wonderful new adventure you are embarking on. Best of luck! Maybe a photo shoot with Katie!!! Giveaway #1 Giveaway #2

  3. GIVEAWAY #1 for sure! Although the scrapbook kit is pure yumminess, I totally want you to take our family pics! And I need a professional mug shot.
    As much as I want to be selfish and NOT retweet this so that my chances are better. That would not be very nice… so I shall go tweety tweet tweet now!

  4. GIVEAWAY #1 oh pickmepickmepickme!!!! You know how many family pics we have? Two. And they’re just silly little timer shots from my digital point and shoot camera from 5 years ago.

  5. oh, i am so jealous of those who live in your area!!!! a photoshoot with you would be awesome!!!
    instead, i will enter giveaway #2 because i am a dieheard scrapbooker and those are some great goodies!! πŸ™‚
    thank you for the chance!

  6. Giveaway 2. O.k. can I just say that I absolutly adore your blog. I online “met” you through IRW a million years ago (at least if feels like that) and have really enjoyed keeping up on what you have been doing since you left IRW to open the Ribbon Jar, which I also love. On another note, I LOVE the days of the week rubon in the picture above, I have never seen those until you used it on a layout of Tuesday. Very cool and cute but of course not cutter then Tuesday herself. πŸ™‚

  7. ahhh!! wow, i WISH i could enter for both!! but i am entering for GIVEAWAY #2 πŸ™‚ your new site looks fabulous, and what a wonderful giveaway!!

  8. Your pics are gorgeous (esp of cutie patootie Tuesday!)…wish I lived on the West coast! Congrats on the new business and blog…I’d love a chance to win the scrapbooking supplies, so sign me up for Giveaway #2!

    congrats for DOING it! (;
    Love your shots – you’ll do it in future as well! (;
    I’d love to enter for #1 as well, but i doubt I’ll make it over to the states to get the chance to use it…);
    BUT I’d love to enter for GIVEAWAY #2!!!
    Katharina (;

  10. GIVEAWAY #2 Please! πŸ™‚ I’ve loved following along with your blog, especially since I have two little ones of my own. I love hearing about Tuesday’s latest adventures and seeing all your crafting. Thanks so much for sharing with us!

  11. GIVEAWAY #2
    Love your new site, Amber! I wish I had as much creativity as you have in atleast one hand! I love your scrapbook stuff! And I’d love the scrapbook kit that you’re giving away! It’s time for me to get some new materials for my books!

  12. GIveaway #2-love the new site! I wish I lived closer for the photo shoot but I am in New England. I am also happy that The Ribbon Jar is still going to be around!

  13. Giveaway #1….can you capture the craziness that is us with 3 young kids, a 10 mo puppy and a yes, a 10 week old puppy. We’d love it πŸ™‚ and us humans haven’t had a photo taken with all of us together for 2 years, and thats a lot of years when your oldest is only 8!

  14. Giveaway #1! My family has never had a family portrait taken and we would love to have you do the honors!!!

  15. Hi Amber, Thanks so much for this amazing opportunity! So sad I live too far to enter Giveaway #1, but please enter me in Giveaway #2!

  16. Giveaway #2…2011 is my year to work on documenting more of everyday life with the hubs and 4 kids!!! I enjoy your blog…lots of unique ideas. (#1 would have been my first choice…but alas…I live in Ohio ) Thanks!!

  17. Love your new site! Giveaway #32 would be fabulous for me. If I were closer, I’d be begging for that photoshoot, you have a great eye!

  18. i just found your site and it’s wonderful!!!! I would love to be entered into the GIVEAWAY #2. What a colorful and bright kit, just what I need to feel like spring will soon be on it’s way. Although I really can’t talk being AZ… Coldest day yet and it’s a high of 48 so can’t really talk about being “cold” like the rest of the country. I will certainly be watching and following your blog. Have a great day!

  19. Giveaway 2! Great site and I love the Indestructible Mini! Always happy to find someone else that has a postcard obsession too!!

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