It was a dark and stormy night…

And I went out in it to photograph! Craziness, but it was my last lighting class in Portland and I didn’t want to miss it. Besides I had Kristen to keep me company.

I forgot my tripod in the car, so until I bummed Kristen’s I was balancing my camera on anything I could find. This one is blurry, but to me that makes it more moody and I love it.



I usually don’t play with photos much after I shoot, just because I’m not a huge fan of lots of computer time, and I don’t want to date my photos with that “so 2011 post processing look”. But these lend themselves so well to it because there is no skin to mess up! I could show you a hundred versions of that one above.

Oh and did I mention it was rainy? That’s the haze you see on everything, pouring rain. We were soaked through to our underwear! Glad I went though. Kristen and I got some seriously good Mexican food (porque no so yummy!) that warmed us up. I’m glad I took this class I learned a lot about lighting and I’m not scared of my flash anymore!

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  1. It was great having you in my class this term. I really like you images and I should get assistant credit for holding the flash for the shot of you. Just kidding about the credit. I’m glad you are more comfortable with your flash equipment now. It will come in handy when the existing light just isn’t going to do it for the shot.

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