Time to rest

After being here and there all week last week I’m spending today with my girl. Last week I accompanied my mom to a trade show in Las Vegas. So much pretty ribbon was ordered, a few shows taken in, and lots of yummy food ate. It was only two nights but it seemed like I was gone really long and far from Tuesday. Of course she had a wonderful time with Bj (he got to take a day off of work) and his mom, who drove down to hang out with them. Then on Friday Sarah and I drove up to Portland to spend the day scrapbooking. We went to the Creating Keepsakes convention on Saturday, and then that night Bj and Tuesday joined me so we could go to a dear friends wedding (scrappy side note: they used Project Life cards for the guests to write notes on so it will be an instant scrapbook when they get their wedding pictures back, such a cool idea!). So a pretty busy crazy week for us. I’m happy to be home, and I think Tuesday is happy to have me here.
Of course she’s playing it all cool, like she doesn’t really want to be with me. You know, throwing fits and stuff. I took her to the Capitol mall last night to check out the light for an upcoming shoot and she was all, ohhh no I’m too cool for this:

Luckily the Capitol was not so moody.

I guess it was, just in a different way.

I attempted some self portraits. These took a bit of photoshop magic, as Tuesday would move so quick I couldn’t get the focus (or anything!) right.

(the before) I love my camera but I admit the new timer/self portrait functions on newer cameras are quite enticing…

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  1. um ADORABLE little patent leather boots and sparkly silver tights!!! Such a fashionista! Even when she is “playing it cool” as you say, she still looks cute doing it.

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