Scrappy Portland Weekend

As mentioned yesterday Sarah and I spent Friday and Saturday with nothing but scrapbooking on the brain! Ok and maybe a little food too. While I was getting Tuesday down for her nap Friday Sarah loaded up her car and as soon as Tuesday was down we took off. We got to stay at the Nines which is so fabulous. I don’t know how we managed the top floor but the view was great:

Here you can get a better idea of why it was difficult to take pictures from our room:

And what a pretty room it was:

I love all the turquoise and silver. All it really needed was scrapbooking supplies strewn all over the place, right?

This is pre-maddness so if you want to see the real mess check out Sarah’s blog. Yes we brought a Silhouette (I’m addicted to that thing!). I felt like we did a pretty good job packing, considering we brought a table and two chairs (we got the idea to scrap in the hotel room from Emily and Barb’s adventure). I’ll save most of the layouts I made for tomorrow, but I have to share this one:

My mom made up little packs of ribbon for us to take and I wanted to mist the paper so it had a similar shimmer to this beautiful silk ribbon. Sarah figured we should rinse out the tub after each misting, which was a good idea. But I got a bit lazy and didn’t after this one… I’m sure you can guess what happened. The mist made a nearly permanent spray in the bathtub, much to my horror. Bj had to bring Comet and a sponge for me the next day so I could scrub it out. And it did come out eventually, phew!

I think it was worth it, that is some pretty ribbon after all!
Of course when we weren’t scrapping we were eating.

We made it down to the food carts before they were all closed up and got a few different things to try.

Trying to get myself in more photos (and Sarah!).
The next morning it was class time. We took two from Studio Calico, Misting and More:

I changed this up a bit from the class. I think it was an “I love your smile” title originally. And I misted the background, I figured we were going all in with the mist, why not! The teacher on this one was kinda funny, she admitted she didn’t like mist that much, um, ok. I think I like it more after the class though and will definitely do more masking with the letter stickers, that was cool (the “you glow” card is an example of it).

The next class was taught by Kelly Purkey and was Fabulous Fabrips. We made this little mini book. Again I change this up a bit. I added some sewing because Tuesday is obsessed with helping me sew on my pages, I have to get a video of it. Fun to try new things, and of course shop the vendor fair…
After spending the morning in classes at the convention we were starving and walked to the closest Burgerville. Pretty much everyone in a mile radius must have had the same idea because it was packed. Worth the super long line though (we don’t have one of these in Salem, it’s like the Burgerville black hole, which is probably a good thing for me).

Yummy Yummy!

I had just met Kelly Purkey so I decided to take a food+me photo. This is getting too picture heavy though, so I’ll share the rest of the layouts tomorrow.

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  1. What a fun weekend! I miss going to the convention. I can’t remember if I went last year, or it was 2 years ago…But before that, I’d gone every year since Clara was almost 1! lol.
    You made some beautiful pages, I’ll have to check Sarah’s page out as well 🙂

  2. Okay, I hope you know that you have THE BEST husband ever! So awesome that he didn’t mind your super fun weekend away from parenting! It looks awesome! Also am I noticing a food cart obsession?

  3. can you send me a few of those photos via email? the before room, our food, us and our food and the 2 burgerville ones? thanks 🙂
    also, i love the way your layout + mini turned out! so nice. i need to finish mine up this weekend!

  4. i love your SC projects! as you know I love misting so can’t wait to teach it in a few weeks. 🙂 AND OMG the food looks so delish!!

  5. [Laughing.] I thought my sister and I were the only crazy ones to scrapbook in a hotel room. We just came back from a weekend in Ohio at their scrapbook expo (love the table you brought along. . .will have to remember that next year. . .we had to share the desk they had in the room). Only one night. . . Two would have been heaven. Very cool.

  6. Really? You had me at “scrapbook stuff all over the place.” And, then you started talking about the food.
    It was all I could do to keep myself from getting in my car and driving to Portland. Of course, I would pack some scrap stuff before leaving. . .

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