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Oh my what fun Carmen and I had. When you plan a girls weekend just to do girls things I think it’s pretty hard not to have a fabulous time. We beaded, and chatted, made tee-shirts and chatted, shopped and chatted, and ate and chatted. Among other things. The photo above was taken at Word of Mouth Cafe. I asked Carmen what places she wanted to eat at while in town and this topped the list.

Rightly so, oh my goodness yum. I opted for the fruit in the fruit vs. potato battle. But least you think me too healthy I also got a last minute side of biscuits and gravy, oops!

Carmen got the cream brule (spelling?) french toast. I’m not a big fan of french toast, but I must admit this looked good (and the super thick bacon was good, she let me try some). Nora, I’m not sure when you are coming back up here, but I know where I am taking you guys to eat this time!
I have a few more pictures from our trip. Not of all the fun things we did, since we were too busy having the fun times (and often in sweat pants), but of an impromptu photo shoot with Carmen. I couldn’t resist her cute baby bump (she’s due in August). So you’ll have to image photos of the first night when I picked her up around dinner time. We went to Homegoods (there isn’t one in Alaska), and then a nearly three hour Moroccan dinner… with Tuesday! She did great though, having a belly dancer in the restaurant helped hold her attention :). Thursday we did some more shopping, and worked on tee-shirts. I will say we are both addicted to using the Silhouette for tees now. Carmen got to come to the Portland Modern Quilt Guild that night, and then we went out with  a bunch of the girls, which was so fun, and such a rare thing for us to get to do. Friday we crafted it up some more, and of course ate at Word of Mouth (which took up a good part of the day, since the wait is long there). We went to Portland to do a little more shopping, but mainly to hang out in a beautiful hotel room Carmen’s husband had booked for us. We beaded, knitted and I got Carmen hooked on Alias (Bj has one of these for work, which makes watching movies on a laptop so much more enjoyable!). Saturday we went to the Barefoot Sage to have 1.5 hour soaks and massages for our feet. We rounded out our decadent weekend with more shopping and food, plus the photo shoot since we had absolutely amazing weather. 65 degrees and SUNNY!
I couldn’t have asked for a better time, or better company. Carmen lives too far away, and I was sad to drop her off at the airport. Of course knowing she’ll be back in a few weeks with her little darling Chloe makes it a little bit better. Then it will be girl time squared, I can’t wait to see what our little ones do together. They talk on the computer all the time so I’m sure it will be quite fun for them to see each other in person (the last time was December, in Hawaii). And to Carmen’s husband: Thank you Andrew! That was as much a treat for me as it was for Carmen!

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  1. I don’t know when we’re coming up again too, but whenever it is I am going to need to try that french toast…thanks for thinking of me. 🙂

  2. Sounds like a great weekend!! Girl time is always a blast, but I’m sure you guys will have just as much fun when Carmen comes back with Chloe.
    What sort of beading did you guys do?

  3. Thanks for the amazing few days! I wish I took more pictures, or any pictures, but it is true when you are too busy having fun, photos just don’t get taken! It was so nice to get to stay out late (really really late for me), go to Portland over and over and craft/knit for hours and hours! Just let me know when BJ plans your next girls weekend up in Alaska. We don’t have Portland, but we do have beautiful weather and a guest room! See you again in a few weeks!

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