In our house hair things are called pretties. I don’t really know how that got started. Maybe when I was trying to convince Tuesday to wear them at the beginning and I oohed and awed over how pretty they looked in her hair? Not sure, but Tuesday has called hair barrettes, headbands, elastics and anything else you can put in there a pretty. After I saw this on Wee Wonderfuls I knew I had to try glue gun + buttons too.

A couple of tips. I used a high heat glue gun, I thought it was necessary for this project. Don’t skimp on the glue. They can pop apart so DO NOT give these to a little one that is still eating things. They most often fall apart when they are flipped opened and closed while cold. An easy solution is to hold them in your hand for a moment and warm them up before opening them. They will stay warm enough next to the head of course (I may try E6000 next time, but hot glue has it beat for instant gratification) If a button had a shank on it I used cheap wire cutters to clip it (kind of like this). I did the same thing with the brads I used (but of course). I nearly lost an eye. I know everything says to wear safety goggles, but I really would or at least close your eyes while you make the cut.
Does she like them?

Yes she does!

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