Beach blanket

Ready for biggest easiest project ever? I realized after using this blanket again this weekend that I never shared it.

I whipped this little puppy up the night before my first Hawaii trip with Tuesday. I had visions of us sitting on the beach, her serenely playing on a blanket while I read a book. But wait! No blanket I had could squeeze into my already packed suitcase. So I took a few of my favorite prints pieced them together for the front. The back was a fun sheet. I put the right sides together, sewed around the edge, leaving a gap for turning right side out. After I turned it right side out I pressed the edge and went around the whole thing with a top stitch. Done!

Super thin and lightweight. I use it every time we go to any beach. I think you should make one for this summer tonight!

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  1. Awesome idea! Are you sure you can’t stay longer this summer….I could use someone up here to “whip” stuff like this up in a night. It would take me a week to “whip” up something that cool! The way it folds up so small would be great for hike in picnics, or anywhere really. The less I have to carry around the better! Plus I love the off-square design. So modern of you!

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