First off thank you so much for the kind words. Someone in our extended family had a medical problem, and while I wish I could say it was all fixed up it turns out medical mysteries are not solved as quickly as House would have you believe. But we are home now, and I’m happy for that. I might still be a little sporadic this week though, as I’m volunteering at Camp to Belong to photograph sibling sets. Luckily the rain has let up… finally!
I have a few fun things to show you this week, including some of the custom shirts I’ve been making for Tuesday.

This one with the drum kit on the front and “noisy” on the back was carmen’s idea. I’m always amazed at the intricate designs that the Silhouette can cut out, and the drum kit is no exception (it’s from the Silhouette store). I used heat transfer vinyl from this online store.
Now Tuesday was more interested in our freshly made smoothies than taking photos…

But at least that gave me an excuse to change her outfit. This next one is my favorite. Tuesday can’t read, but we told her what it says so she loves the shirt too.

It’s says, “BOOM BABY -tutu” Like it’s a quote from a famous person, but it’s just a quote from her. I have no idea where it came from or what makes her say it, but dang is it funny. She just puts it into a conversation at the right moment too. Say we’re doing dishes and something drops, “boom baby” or if we’re talking about a bad outfit we saw on the street (must remember that she listens so well), “boom baby”. The best was at the grocery store, a woman commented on Tuesday’s dress herself style and she got a “boom baby”. Of course toddlers are best understood by their parents so she didn’t get it, but I laughed so hard when we go to the next aisle.
The first shirt was a Target brand one, and the second a Gap tee from a second hand store.
Now I just need more ideas for shirts, since nothing is safe! Here are some that Carmen did when she was visiting, and you might remember these cow shirts for her twin friends. So got anything clever for me to put on a 2.5 year old’s shirt?

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  1. I love the shirts! Boom Baby is hilarious. I also love the styling. So adorable. side question: what detergent do you use to get stains (like smoothie) out? I have that organic detergent I bought for cloth diapers forever ago and keep using, but it doesn’t work too hot on stains. Chloe has stains all over the place, and it isn’t just because she is probably messier than average, but because her mom hasn’t figured out a better cleaning solution. You have tons of cute clothes for Tuesday and none of them have stains… is this possible? help!

  2. Love the shirts. Boom Baby is just too funny. She does look so much like a big girl now. I adore her curls.

  3. Carmen,
    I know what you mean. I use the natural/organic type of detergents too and they just don’t do it for stains. Right now we’re trying BioKleen (powder, and the liquid for darks). I’ve also tried Charlie’s and Country Save. For all of them I’ve had to do a soak with stains. My process is usually to wash everything first. If the stain is really bad, or I at least notice it I’ll put some spot treatment on it (right now this: If the stain doesn’t come out then I use an old stainless steel bowl I keep next to the washer. I put a scoop of Oxo Brite in (an earth friendly cleaner: and some hot water. Mix it up a little with the scoop and then drop in the stained item. It has to soak for a while, at least overnight, sometimes I leave it in for days if I forget about it. But it always works. The boom baby shirt got a huge stain on it and this system got it out!

  4. Love the T’s!!
    What about a pair of sunglasses hanging on the rim off the front of the tee? Then you can add on your own embelishments?
    She old enough to keep them out of her mouth? I forget that age!
    She would look super cute with a tee like that:)

  5. is she still a fan of trains? maybe you could spell “tuesday” with these:
    (there’s a set 2 with the rest of the alpha – just search “trains” in the sil store.

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