I know you told me not to…

Yes, yes, you were all against the chalkboard table. And actually once I really thought about the points you brought up I was too. But I just couldn’t shake the idea of some chalkboard in my house. The problem was the dust issue. I have wanted to do the chalkboard for a while but thinking about not getting it clean and the dust… well I might go crazy. But then I found bistro markers.

Have you wondered how they do it on those signs outside cute little shops? This is how! These things are liquid chalk markers. Ohhhh so awesome. I picked mine up at the most awesome local stationary store: Cooke’s in downtown Salem. You might also try a restaurant supply place. I bought this Wallies Peel and Stick Chalkboard thinking it was huge. Um, it’s not. It’s tiny. I came up with a use for it though, in my kitchen.

Keeping it real by showing you the least favorite part of the kitchen. We have these shelves and one drawer for our food. I am planning on carving out more space in the basement for stuff I want to can this summer. Oh I got sidetracked! The two sheets I had I used for a meal plan guide (we’ve never succeeded at this, but I’m giving it another go, starting next week). And since Bj always buys the herbs I have right outside I made him a little cheat sheet. It also lets us know other fresh food outside and what is coming up, in case we encounter a recipe with say figs, we can store it for fig season (hoping we have one this year, last year the weather was all wrong).
So after playing with these tiny 9×12 inch sheets I was itching for more chalkboard. I decided to see if a master schedule/organization center on the back of my craft room door would work.

I had this piece of paper so I taped it up and used it for a day to see what I thought. No one will see this unless they go into my craft room and shut the door. So pretty much just Tuesday and I. I love it!

Like the idea of having the week laid out right here. And our daily routine I am starting in the hopes of getting Tuesday to sleep before eleven on a regular basis. Oh yes, you read that right.
So ya, the first coat is now on the door. I have to wait 24 hours between coats, and then another 24 to use. Good thing I’m busy at camp!

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  1. I love how organized you are! And those markers are awesome. The only thing missing from this post is a link to Cooke’s Stationery Store… which reminds me I need to stop in there!

  2. I am looking at a home organizer/family calendar situation as well. I was thinking dry erase…but haven’t ironed out the details. Curious to see how you lay yours out, and what is most effective for you. Currently if we want to put things on our family schedule we send meeting requests…….i-phones rule our lives. something at a glance and tangible would be way better.

  3. I was just looking at creating a space for calander/menu planning/organizing. I was thinking of doing magnet boards that are dry erase, but the bistro markers sounds even better…I like the black background instead of white…
    ps. we get our CSA on the same day as you, you HAVE to share recipes so Tom and the kids might actually eat the stuff we get…I’ll bake bake bake, but always have a hard time with the cooking part…

  4. I see that you have beans on your list. 😉 DEFINITELY do them in the slow cooker. That’s the only method I have ever found that makes them nice and soft, rather than tough. I made some baked beans from scratch for my little one a couple of weeks ago, and he adored them. I like them, too. It’s nice to feel like I don’t have to buy everything in a can, and anyway, I needed to use some pantry staples before our big move. They took 2 days (!!) but were almost no work, because of the slow cooker. Try this website. Seriously, she’s got amazing recipes, including how to make yogurt in the slow cooker. 🙂 http://crockpot365.blogspot.com/

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