So far

The trip is lovely so far, if a little damp! My scrapbook on the road is going well, I really like having this project to do on a mellow trip like this.

Sorry about my hack job on obscuring my address, I just used lightroom to do it. These are just the first few pages, but I’m about halfway through the book.

I’ve also added pictures as I uploaded to Costco and printed some off yesterday. I love that this book will nearly be finished by the time I get home. Such a great memory!

This is what I brought to work on it. Various attachers (clips, tape, glues, mini stapler), ink, a few stamps in a CD case, acrylic block, mini cutting mat, brads, paper piercer, pens/pencil, ruler, eraser, scissors, tiny letter stickers and a few little embellishments.

Looks like a lot but it fits all in this little plastic box. I did bring extra things knowing Tuesday would be scrapbooking with me. So far she has only wanted to do it once, so I probably could have left some of these things at home. I’ll wait until the end of the trip to give a recap on what I should have brought/left home. But I will say I did stop in at a craft store to pick up an exacto knife (left mine at home on accident) and a mini tape runner thing. I didn’t think I’d need one but putting in the photos I printed went a lot smoother with it.
So what am I recording?


A beautiful newborn.

Dance parties.

Bad sleeping.

Giant whale bones.

Being silly.

A newborn shoot.

Cake balls.

And everything in between.

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  1. Looks like a great trip so far! I bet Tuesday and Chloe are having a blast 🙂 Looking forward to hearing more about the trip, and seeing the finished book!

  2. looks like you’re having a wonderful time! what could be better than good friends, new babies, cake balls and sushi? (well, i can think of a lot of things i’d rather have than sushi, but i know you guys love it!)

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