I really should have been packing…

But I couldn’t help myself. With an upcoming trip (we leave today!) I downloaded Ali’s Scrapbook on the Road class and got to work on a mini for my trip… and then another one for Tuesday, because I know she’ll want to, “scrapbook mama? scrapbook?!?!” Let me back up. Because if you are a long (long, long) time reader, you know I’ve done this before. Here is a link to a similar thing I did when Bj and I drove to Alaska years ago. {total side note, but I’m sorry if you cruise through my archives and things are still wonky. Linking to this post reminded me I need to go back check links, photos, etc. I’m working on it very slowly! If there is something specific you want updated let me know!} I loved that album and wanted to do something similar. Plus coming down off of the high of doing the Week in the Life I really wanted to keep my memory keeping groove on. I’m keeping the words brief, so please if you have questions ask them in the comments section and I’ll get to them as soon as I can.

These were pretty simple books, and I’m just going to jump right in and show you a few pages and a little of my process.

I painted the inside covers of my book, and the outside covers of Tuesday’s. Everything I did in Tuesday’s book was mindful of how she handles things and experiences her art right now. There are textures and places for her to slip things, but no telling what she’ll actually do with the book, if she’s interested at all. So I kept it simple. A peek at hers:

I think the stitching, letter stickers and pocket pages (this one from a thrifting adventure) will all really appeal to Tuesday. But we shall see! Now to my book:

My book is also full of vintage loveliness. I think I filled it a bit overfull, but I wanted to leave lots of blank pages for the photos that will come later (I hemmed and hawed over an instax, but ultimately decided I couldn’t justify it). I also stuck in a piece of corrugated cardboard which I thought was a genius substitute for the piercing pad I usually use for my brads (yes, of course I’m taking brads!!). I realized uploading these pictures that it won’t be very helpful in one place, so I’ll probably yank that out as we go.

My lovely books ready for memories…

And a big mess to come home to, but I think it will be worth it.
And why are we going to Alaska? Why to meet who I’m sure will be our favorite new human being, Miss Madeline Lucette!

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  1. Love these scrapbook on the road books! Just wondering how you like your Zutter binder? I’ve been trying to decide if this is must item. Thanks! Have a great trip…

  2. Jen, I love the Zutter, of course I did get it for free since I stole it from Sarah’s stash. I think there is something from another brand called “the cinch”. I heard it has cute different colored bindings, but that they also fit in the zutter (heard that on the paperclipping podcast). I do like binding like this, I find it sturdier than binding rings and I’ve made Tuesday some mini books that have stayed together great. It’s been on the market for a while so I’m guessing you could even find a used one if you are so inclined.

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