Tuesday has been singing a mixed up version of the alphabet lately. Something like, “a b c d e f g h i j k l m o p h i j k l m o p h i j k l m o p” (repeat the last bit as much as you can before you break down into giggles). And she likes to point to letters she recognizes. I really wanted to do the letter learning based on sounds, but she wants to know what they are called so I’m trying to honor her way of learning and go with that. M’s she recognized first, but I thought it would be fun to do a T day, for obvious reasons. She loved it! I had way too many activities for us to do, but got to a some of them. It’s weird because we seem to do “nothing” some days, and yet they are so full.

We’ve done this activity before, I think with M’s. She loves it, pointing out letters for me to circle with a sharpie. I choose an old magazine and by the end of it she’s finding smaller and smaller letters. I don’t worry if she misses some, I just go with what she finds.

She takes it very seriously as you can see. 🙂

I had pinned these types of sensory bags and made this one up with a lot of tempra paint and a whole little bottle of glitter glue. Tuesday didn’t care about making T’s, but she did like experimenting with the Q-tip. As a bonus I have the bag still in my “no prep” activity file.

I printed off giant T’s for her to color. This didn’t hold her interest long, and I thought it was maybe too limiting an activity for her.

This picture is deceiving because she only did this activity for about 60 seconds total.

We had tea for lunch of course. Did you know parfaits are much better than yogurt with fruit on them? Oh how fancy names change things! Also we eventually did get dressed, and Tuesday wore her T shirt as you can see.

By far the favorite activity was this one that I came up with at the last minute. I got this set of felt letters at Goodwill a while ago. I just jumbled them up so she could find the T’s, grab them and squeal! I told her to hid so I could keep mixing them up. It was so funny, she ran over to the corner and kept trying to peek while I did it. I think I need to do some more hiding/finding type of games with her because this was seriously such a huge hit.
Tuesday is 32 months.

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  1. This reminded me of a book I was given when I was small. On several pages I have letters circled, all the letters that were in my name (I must have just learned how to spell my name).

  2. What great ideas to make learning fun. I especially like the felt letters ‘game’. What have you covered the board with so that the letters stay up?Thanks

  3. These are really great ideas for toddlers. My daughter LOVES letters. We go to the library usually a few times each week and her favorite thing to do is play with the big magnetic letters on the chalkboard wall. Also, I don’t know if you have thought of flash cards but we do those with our daughter daily and she loves them.

  4. Kerry,
    It’s just plain old flannel. If you have extra batting that works too. Any felt thing will stick to it, even regular fabric will stick to it. Tuesday loves playing with scraps of fabric on it.

  5. i was wanting to do the paint in a bag activity with my 2 yr old son if you could tell me what all you use and how much would be great… i think it is a great idea and he would love it.. thank you.

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