Cell phone scrapping

So I recently got a new iPhone, and I’m super excited about the camera most of all, the pictures look great from it. My older phone didn’t take the greatest pictures, but that hasn’t stopped me from scrapping them. I thought I’d share a handful of layouts I’ve done recently using pictures from my phone.

Sometimes with a less than stellar photo using a smaller page size works great. And for me fun embellishments help take away from the graininess/off color of some cell phone photos.

Using a bunch of pictures on one layout works too. Because I used five pictures on this layout I was able to crop out parts of the photos that didn’t add to the story.

One of the best things about a cell phone is that it’s with you all the time (at least mine is!). So you’re able to capture things instantly instead of running for your bigger/better camera. I really like the photo of Tuesday reaching for the phone too, I could do a whole mini book with those types of photos!

I have a few photo editing apps on my phone (camera + is my favorite). It’s fun to play around with cropping and filters in the camera. And if you use a program like postal pics (which I did for all the square shaped photos) you can get them mailed to you with out ever uploading them into the computer.

Don’t forget to actually scrapbook about the fact that you are taking photos with your phone! I’m sure Tuesday will never think anything of it, so it might be interesting to her that it was a big deal to me when she was little. I’m thinking a mini book about this topic is in order….
What have you done with cell phone photos? I’d love to see some of your projects, link up!

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  1. I really need to do something with all of the photos on my phone. I think I have close to 2000? Now quite a few are ones that Clara has taken, but I have a lot of good ones too!
    currently iphone pics only get uploaded to facebook when I feel like it, and when I was blogging I’d upload them occasionaly as well.
    I have a feeling with the new baby coming, I’ll be taking quite a bit more so I need a plan!! 🙂
    And I never would have thought that those were all phone pictures–they just remind me of pictures from the 80’s and 90’s in some cases, or just regular pictures otherwise

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